Top 21 Affiliate Marketing Tools for Super Affiliates

An affiliate marketer has to wear multiple hats every day. To run his business he might need to be a good accountant, content marketer, SEO professional, product manager, social media marketer and conversion rate optimizer. The pressure of multi-tasking and the need to be both productive and creative makes the life of an affiliate marketer very challenging.

The best way to bust this monster is by getting the right tools in your arsenal. Getting the right tools has its own share of benefits.

  1. If you have a day job and want to build an affiliate business on the side you might have to press for time. Affiliate Marketing tools will hack your productivity and take hours of your daily work hours.
  2. Affiliate Marketing tools will also uncover opportunities which you can’t find otherwise. Affiliate marketing is all about finding opportunities which others can’t find and becoming great in that niche.
  3. Many of these Affiliate Marketing tools are free. So if you are apprehensive or skeptical about investing in affiliate marketing then you have nothing to worry.

We have made a compilation of most important tools which can help you through research, optimization, management, and content. This list is comprehensive and you might want to visit repeatedly so bookmark this post for future reference.

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The Top 9 Indian Affiliate Programs You Must Join Today

Affiliate Marketing is a big industry and there is a range of affiliate programs all over the globe. The likes of ClickBank, Commission Junction and Impact Radius are the networks that come to mind when you think about affiliate marketing. But what if your blog is for the Indian audience and most of your visitors are from India?

You cannot promote international products to the Indian audience. You need to find out products and affiliate programs that are inclined towards the Indian audience.

Here are some reasons why:

  • Brand Affinity: People are likely to buy from a Brand they trust. For instance, people might be willing to buy from Myntra than Macy’s as Myntra has established themselves better in the minds of the Indian consumers.
  • Shipping Issues: If you are selling physical products know that not all international eCommerce sites ship to India. A product being sold on Amazon UK might not be shipped to India. So what is the point of driving an India user to such a product?
  • Indian Affiliate Networks: The advantage of working with Indian affiliate networks is they have more Indian focused advertisers in their network. So you will have a deeper highly focused inventory to promote to your audience.

But not affiliate networks are equal. Even worse, not affiliate networks are honest when it comes to payouts. This is the living reality of the internet.

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7 Affiliate Marketing Myths Debunked

When I got introduced to affiliate marketing almost 10 years ago I had my own share of fears, misconceptions, and doubts. The curse of the internet is that con men have been spreading false information to multiply their profits.

Even worse, gullible beginners believe their showmanship and get into affiliate marketing with a wrong set of beliefs and end up tasting failure. I’ve been there done that. And I want to make sure that you don’t end up believing in the same myth.

Few of these myths are self-created too. For instance, when I was getting started I believed that Affiliate marketing is something only for the big guys with a huge amount of capital. I thought it was some “secret money making” formula which only a few rich people in the world kept it to themselves.

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The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing in india like a pro

So you have heard about Affiliate Marketing before and wondered how (and how much probably) can you earn from it, all from the comforts of your home? It looks shiny from the outside but trust me, it is as easy as slicing a cake neatly.

affiliate marketing in india like a pro

In this article, I am going to tell you what is Affiliate Marketing and how it works, what are the existing programs that you can benefit from and how to go about it like a pro. I will also take you through my personal affiliate accounts and show you my real earnings in order to give you some inspiration to get you started (not boasting here).

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