Lesson 4 – How to Create Your First Website to Practice DM

As we had discussed in the previous lesson, creating a website is the best way to learn digital marketing. In this lesson we are going to learn about how to create your first website:

I do not recommend creating a free website on WordPress or Blogger platform. Such free websites are not meant for commercial use and you will not have enough flexibility to modify things on it.

The best way to go about learning digital marketing is registering your own domain name – which is the most important component of your brand. Once you get your domain name, get a web hosting account and install a content management system in it. WordPress is the best CMS.

Buy a Domain Name for $0.99:

You can buy a domain name from GoDaddy for as low as $0.99 (or Rs.69). Getting a domain name is your first step for getting an online presence. After you buy a domain name, you should buy a web hosting account.

$.99* .COM Domain! Get going with GoDaddy!

After you buy a domain name you should buy web-hosting. You can link your domain name and web hosting account using name servers. Name servers are given by your web hosting company and you should update them on your domain name settings.

Buy a Webhosting Account and Install WordPress:

Your next step is to buy a web hosting package and get your blog up and running!

If you want a good starter hosting package for your blog, go ahead and sign up for an account from ResellerClub WordPress Hosting. They also provide you with 1-click WordPress installation.