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Do you want to master Facebook Advertising? Facebook Ads is one of the most important components of Digital Marketing. Facebook Ads has been one of the primary drivers of growth in my business. It has helped me generate leads and also drive brand awareness for my personal brand. I just checked my total Facebook Ad … Read more

How to Grow Your Business Using Facebook Ads?

If you are running a business, you cannot ignore Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads is one of the best outbound advertising mediums available to businesses today. Since Facebook has more than a billion people already signed up on their platform, chances are high that your customers are already using Facebook. With inbound marketing platforms like Google … Read more

What I Learned by Spending $55,479.79 on Facebook Ads

In the last article I talked about how Facebook Ads and Google Ads are different.

In this article, I want to talk more about Facebook Ads.

I have spent exactly $55,479.03 in the past 3+ years of on Facebook Ads.

That’s around 37 Lakhs INR. (My ad account is very old and it was setup in USD when I started).

All my ads combined has reached 16,905,929 people.

That’s almost the total population of Netherlands!

I have created 492 ad campaigns so far.

And so far I’ve got a great ROI.

Many people cannot make Facebook Ads work because they approach it the wrong way.

The first thing to keep in mind while advertising in Facebook is that it is an outbound advertising medium.

Google Ads (Search) is an inbound advertising medium.

In Google search, people are looking for a product or service actively.

In Facebook, we are interrupting people with ads.

They are doing something else, and we are interrupting them.

The biggest advantage of Facebook is the targeting precision. You can reach the right people who are most likely to be interested in our ad.

That’s because Facebook has the biggest collection of user’s personal data in the world.

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Google Ads Vs. Facebook Ads

There are two digital ad giants in this world.

One is Google and the other one is Facebook.

Many people see this as two places where online advertising can be done.

And many people put them into the same bucket of “paid ads”.

But both these platforms have a very big difference.

And that’s what we are going to understand today.

Google is a search engine.

People search for things.

They are looking for a solution to their problem.

They are either looking for information, news, entertainment, product or a service.

Here when we place an ad, we are meeting our potential customers half way.

It is like someone walking into a store and asking for something specific.

Since they are looking for us, and we are looking for them, the conversions are usually good.

Sometimes as much as 10% of the leads coming from Google Ads can convert into customers.

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How I Generated 23,746 High Quality Leads Using Facebook Lead Ads

In the past few months, I have been very aggressive with Facebook Ads. I use many channels to build my email list, but Facebook Ads is the primary source. I get people into my list by enrolling students for my free digital marketing course. I deliver the course via email, and that builds a rapport on a personal level.

Some of my students who like my teaching style enroll for my paid courses. These paid courses pay the bills for the Facebook Ads which advertise my free digital marketing course. I also pay other bills like web-hosting, email marketing, etc. with the revenue from paid courses. (If you have noticed, I do not have many ads on my blog).

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Why Does Your Facebook Ad Cost Increase Over Time?

Facebook is one of the best platforms to advertise your products or services online. Their targeting options are insane and the cost of advertising to a high-quality audience is the lowest compared to any other online channel.


A lot of digital marketers get excited when they start advertising on Facebook. They get surprised by the low cost of reaching people and start dreaming of conquering the whole world. However, within a few days, their dreams are shattered because they start observing that their click costs are going up and the conversion ratios are going down.

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