How To Create Successful Info Products In 12 Simple Steps

Have you heard about the book “Think and Grow Rich?”

It was published during the Great Depression period and 100 million copies have been sold since then.

How about “How To Win Friends and Influence People?”

Another book published during the same time and is #11 on the Amazon’s all time best seller and it is still selling more than 100,000 copies every year.

And both the books are 80 years old.

But, why are they still selling?

Or the better question is why people are still buying them?

Almost everything you want to learn is out there available on the internet for free.

Do you want to become a better digital marketer? Millions of blog posts can help you.

Do you want to become a better writer? Another million blog posts to help you.

But still, you are buying books or courses.


Because we have an insatiable desire to get better at things.

We want to be better than what we are right now.

We want to earn more than our colleagues.

We want to be better than our neighbours or relatives or friends.

We want to live better.

We want to own better gadgets.

We want to own a better car or motorcycle.

And we are willing to buy books or courses or programs that could help us to get better.

That’s what info products do and that’s why info products sell.

That’s why info marketing is thriving.

And that’s why you should consider creating an info product.

Because the info product gives you a unique advantage.

Create once and sell multiple times without needing to produce more or running out of stock.

It works in almost all niches. Because every market has these people, who want to get better.

That’s what makes info product marketing as the key to your freedom.

Freedom from working 9 to 5 and being a slave to it.

Freedom to choose your work hours and vacation without seeking anybody’s permission.

Freedom to live as you wish and dream.

It worked for me. It helped me to break my rat race and become an entrepreneur.

And I want the same for you.

In this blog post, you are going to learn how to create your successful info product even if you have never built one before.

I have come up with a 12-step product creation process which is tested and fine-tuned based on my experience of producing around 8+ info products in the last couple of years and generating around 1 crore + revenue from them.

Let’s get to it.

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Sell Domains Fast – Download This $20 eBook for free! (Limited Time Offer)

Aishwin, one of the top domain name investors from India, who I interviewed on this blog a while back, is giving away just 100 copies of his $20 worth ebook for free. This offer is just for readers of 🙂


Today is his birthday and I persuaded him to give away his eBook at no cost. All you need to do is visit this page and enter the code ‘DigitalDeepak‘.

This offer has expired and is not available anymore. However you can get my book for free by enrolling in my free digital marketing course.

Aishwin has some amazing 3 and 4 letter domain names such as and I have learned a lot from him and he is my go to guy for advice when I buy a domain name.

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Content Marketing for Startups – Get a Free Copy of my Book!

I am excited to let you know about my first book – Content Marketing for Startups! This book explores how startups can leverage content marketing to get targeted traffic.

But traffic is of no use if it is not converted into leads and paying customers. You will also learn about how to convert your visitors into leads, different types of leads, scoring your leads, nurturing those leads and finally converting them into paying customers with proven inside sales strategies.


If you run your own startup, work in a startup or dream of starting up one day, the content in this book will be priceless to you. Marketing and Sales is one of the most important aspects of any business.

As my mentor used to put it: Marketing is the only activity in a business that gives a direct return on investment. Everything else such as HR, Tech, Finance, Legal etc. are just expenses. Marketing is the only part in a business which you cannot afford to outsource. Everything else can be outsourced.

This is not just an e-book but a real book which you can hold in your hands! The book will retail for Rs.699 on Flipkart and Amazon. You, being my blog reader can get a free copy of this book before it goes for sale at online & offline stores.

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Publish a Book and Grow Rich without Gerry Robert – A Guide to Self Publish Your Book

I just came back from Gerry Robert’s Publish a Book and Grow Rich Bootcamp. It was an intense weekend with a lot of learning and networking. In this post I am giving a review of his weekend seminar and a preview of his $35,000 Instant Author Program! You will learn why you don’t need such a pricey guided publishing program to become an author and how you can self publish a book in a much better way at a fraction of the budget.

Gerry-RobertGerry Robert’s idea about book publishing is about how you can publish a book, become a published author and then benefit from the authority and credibility that comes from publishing a book. It’s more about personal branding than making money from actually selling the book.

When you are a published author, people see you in a different way, their first impression towards you will be different. They trust you more (sub-consciously).  A book helps you to get media and press attention thus helping you expand your personal brand.

This works very well if you want to become a speaker, trainer and/or consultant. This also helps you in negotiation and winning client projects.

The things that you will gain after you become an author will be much more than what you expect or imagine it to be. You will get a lot of pleasant surprises. Gerry Robert shows a lot of examples of how people’s lives changed after they became authors. That motivation was priceless to me.

One of the most read articles I have published in is how to brand yourself as an expert through content marketing. Gerry’s tips on personal branding is very much in sync with my own ideas. While I focus on blogging, his focus is on book publishing. I am sure that when you combine the two it is going to be even more effective.

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