An Interview with Sanjay Shenoy, A Content Marketing & SEO Expert

Today, I am interviewing Sanjay Shenoy, one of the top rated Content & SEO experts in Bangalore. He has run his own startup, has headed marketing in many startup companies in Bangalore and also a full stack digital marketing expert. He is a hustler and we all have a lot to learn from him. Let’s get started!


Deepak: When did you start Digital Marketing and how did you get into it?

Sanjay: I started my Digital Marketing journey back in 2009. As a teenager, I was honestly just trying to make some money on the internet. I had been trying to do so way before 2009 but nothing happened. Finally, in 2009, I landed my first client on Freelancer and that’s where my journey began.

When I started off I didn’t know anything about SEO. Frankly, the way I won the client was quite funny. I basically created my own gig pretending to look for SEO services, took the best proposals I got and made it into a nice proposal and sent it across to my client. He liked it a lot, and I won my first client! I had no clue what I was talking about in my proposal.

Once I won the gig, I worked very hard to understand everything that I had mentioned and learned everything I had to about SEO and delivered what I had promised. He was very happy with the results! That’s how I got into the field of Digital Marketing.

What do you think has changed in Digital Marketing since you started?

A lot! And it is changing at a breathtaking pace and frankly, it’s very hard to keep up sometimes. Everything was much more easily manipulatable back then. Now the systems and algorithms have become extremely advanced and smart. And so have people.

Which is why it is all the more important these days to focus on the people who are your customers rather than the machines. Be it getting better rankings in search engines, more reach on Facebook, better open rates. All these are just means to your customer and not the customer itself. If you use all these channels to make an extremely pleasant experience for your customer, you would have won.

How important do you think Digital Marketing is, in the entire marketing landscape?

It is extremely important. I feel that the biggest difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing is the ability to target and measure. This gives digital marketing the edge over traditional marketing but that doesn’t mean that traditional marketing is dead, neither will it die anytime soon.

Both these versions nowadays seem to coexist and in fact complement each other very well. Asking people on traditional channels to come interact on their Facebook page or propagating a hashtag and also I know companies that run small campaigns online to see what combination of visuals and communication works before taking it on traditional channels. The pyramid has been inverted now, before people use to first spend on traditional channels and then spend little on digital channels but now that has completely inverted is what I believe.

What do you think is the cornerstone of any digital marketing campaign these days?

Content. Content is the cornerstone, bedrock, backbone and the most fundamental aspect of any digital marketing campaign. You can pick any channel or campaign you want, content is what will drive it. You want to perform SEO, you need great content. Not only the actual content but your meta content also. Social Media Marketing thrives on great content. Do you want to run a successful ad campaign, guess what? You need great content in form of copy. Email Marketing? Content. Mobile Marketing. Content. Whatever you try to put your hands into content plays a key role.

Speaking of Content, what has been your success with it?

I have great success with content. My highlight was a blog that I and the team executed that got to 500K sessions in less than a week! It went crazy viral, it was all over. It got picked up by all major publications across the globe.

Also, I have managed more than 200 blog posts across different companies and attracted a lot of traffic from these blogs. In fact, I have set up a blog from scratch and got it to an average of 100k sessions/month in less than 7 months with just two content writers.

What do you think makes content successful or viral?

There are various aspects to it but if you want to broadly divide into two buckets then practically informational content and emotionally charged content are two buckets I would divide them into.

When I say practically informational content, the information you are giving out should be practical and actually feasible. You can achieve this, by making the information as granular as possible.

Emotionally charged content works great because it connects with your audience. It can be any emotion (try to not to make it negative) and it will help you reach the same wavelength as your audience and they will help you amplify it further.

What format of content do you think has the biggest impact on a brand?

There is no single answer for this. It completely depends on the channel you are on and definitely depends on your target audience. But if I had to place my money then I would place it on video. With increased internet penetration and better speeds and lesser consumption time, viewers tend to like to format a lot more than other formats.

What do you think is the biggest metric(s) in terms of content marketing?

For me the single biggest metric to measure success in terms of content marketing is amplification. When I say amplification what I mean to say is how many people shared your content and amplified its reach. Why this metric? Because this says a lot about your content. Not only did the visitor read your content completely,consumed it and connected with it, he/she now wants to share it with his network. This is huge because for a lot of people, what they share on their wall reflects what they are and by sharing your piece of content they are doing you a huge favor by giving their personal space to your content.

If you craft your content for amplification you won’t need any marketing. It will perpetually market itself and people will keep trickling it. But just a heads up, it’s harder than it sounds.

Which other channels in Digital Marketing is important according to you?

Every channel is important. You can’t ignore any channel per se and you should try and invest in every channel. Your traffic profile should look balanced and dependency on one single channel is not a good idea.

For example, if you focus only on SEO and getting most of your traffic is from the search engines, one algorithm change might ruin your business and website. Let’s take the same example and apply it in a different scenario. If you are getting most of your traffic from SEO and then you capture their email address and through email marketing or through the website itself, you make them engage with your social media pages, you have not only attracted traffic but retained it. Now you can go ahead and engage them on a regular basis and get them to come back your website and give you more business.

Each channel has its own benefits and drawbacks. If you integrate everything together and make them work together, not only are you reducing the risk but also balancing out your entire traffic source.

If you had to explain Marketing in one line what would it be?

Advertising or marketing is the virtue of a bad product. Focus on your product/service/offering and use all digital marketing channels as a feedback mechanism to make your offering better so that it markets itself.

Any words of wisdom for aspiring Digital Marketers?

No matter how many blogs you read, how many discussions you have there is only so much you can learn. Go out there and do it. There is a lot more to learn when you actually execute things. The barrier to entry into digital marketing is so low that anybody can start doing it and learn by doing it. Break a few things, stir up a storm and learn through the process.

Deepak: Thanks a lot for answering my questions. I learned a lot and I’m sure DigitalDeepak’s readers also learned a lot today. Looking forward to more content from you!

Ask any question related to content marketing and SEO in the comments below and Sanjay will reply!

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  1. Excellent insights here. No one starts big with digital marketing. The more experts I meet, the more I realize that every experts starts with some experiments and something simple. And through a lot of work and experience they become experts.

    • Hello Nitesh,

      Thanks for your appreciation. Again like I have mentioned earlier don’t approach infographic with an objective of link building. Go ahead make an excellent infographic that people will love and share it for you thereby earning you links, social shares and ultimately traffic.

  2. Hello Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju,

    A Great Interview. I could learn a few insights of this session, like few points mentioned above –

    * Biggest metrics in terms of Content Marketing
    * Which mode of content has more impact?
    and lastly when it was related to sanjay’s blog success story, I had a doubt which came across. What matters more in a Content?
    Brand or Viral Value(Trending Content).

    Looking for more articles from Digital Deepak

    Warm Regards

    Vishal KM

    • Hi Vishal,

      Thanks for your appreciation. What you are referring to is the end goal of content not what gets you there. If you write good informational content and also emotionally charged content it will help you build your brand and will help you go viral.

  3. Hi Deepak,

    The interview was quite informative, And Sanjay thanks for sharing your insights.
    I believe that content is the best way through which one can address to their target audience pain points.
    Sanjay – In the interview you mentioned that one of your article got 500k sessions in less than a week, could you please share the link. I want to know what made it so special. Based on that down the line i can also make high quality content. Also at the same time i am struggling with content marketing do you have any tips for it.

  4. Very nice content. I am also a newcomer in the field of digital marketing. I just want to know from Sanjay sir that, SEO experts only share or publish content through different article publishing websites like ezine, sooper etc. But personally i don’t like this traditional process because people do not read those articles carefully, it only gives a link to our website. I just want to know, is that really very important for an SEO project to publish contents on this type of websites? If not, then kindly share any alternative way.

    • Hello Anukul,

      Frankly in terms of SEO and link building these kind of links don’t hold a lot of value anymore anyways so I would suggest you drop it. The best way to gain links is through writing absolutely great content. Like mentioned above, it is going to take you time but then again that’s what it is at the end of the day. Another very good way to go about this is to reach out to bloggers in your niche and write guest posts. This will help you in driving both traffic and gain you some good links.

  5. Hi Deepak,

    I am working in BRICKS TO BLISS a Real Estate Consulting farm and want to know how to write content for real estate project as for each individual projects content will limited and same for all consultant.


  6. Hello, Sir , My team started business for sales art & crafts materials through online marketing, how to increase & popular our Brand (Shiristi Group), Use content marketing,we do not have budget for big online paid ad, online promtion campaigns,,,So, kindly give me some suggestions or tips how to grow our business.

  7. Hello!

    Its really helpful.
    We say CONTENT is King…..and good content is a mix of Informational content and Emotional Content.. Plz highlight some tips to make content emotionally charged. Also how content and SEO are inter-related and interlinked?

  8. Great insight n easy stuff to understand..I HV always believed that content is God for a effective SEO. So true..
    Thanks for sharing

  9. Hi Deepak sir,

    Great Interview. I ‘ve learned a few insights of this session.Thanks a lot Sanjay for sharing your knowledge and experience with us.

  10. Great Insight on Digital Marketing and Content Development. I have come to find out that most big Digital Marketing Experts started out small, it gives me more motivation. Kindly share with us more insights as we learn everytime from you.

  11. hi to all,
    anybody will u pls tell me
    1)what are the digital marketing strategies and how it is used and where it used with example?
    2) how to create unfair advantage and exponentially Grow Online business?
    3)What is E-tail (Online Listing)/Website V/s Market Place

  12. Hi Deepak and sanjay
    I m glad to meet you two .
    Sir i have a business proposal to talk with you . Regarding email marketing and information marketing .
    Can u please reply for this .
    It’s much complicated to explain in here or mail . I would like to have your valuable time to talk .
    I hope u do .
    Thank you
    Praveen kumar k m

  13. Hello Deepak Sir,
    This interview of Mr. Sanjay Shenoy is very informative. I really agree with amplification. This really impact more to reach the audiance.

  14. This is really a helpful interview discussed here. It encourages the young generation who are willing to take digital marketing as their profession. I see many new companies are emerging day by day for this digital marketing.

  15. I am a content writer and want learn digital marketing, plz tell me how it will help me in my career and is that a smart decision or just wasting my time.

  16. Hello Sanjay Sir,
    Thank you for sharing this conversion it helped me a lot while attending the interview. I started working on SEO newly for my client project. I have small queries, my client project is ranking on 1st page of google search engine for 5 days but on 6th day it is going to 2nd or 3rd page again after a week it is coming on 1st page this is getting repeated from 1 month. Could you please suggest me on this issue and any activity which i need to perfom in SEO.
    Thank you in Advance.

  17. Thanks a lot, Sanjay Shenoy for answering questions of Deepak during the interview. I have learned much from the discussion.

    By the way, do you (Sanjay Shenoy) have a personal blog or Youtube channel? Can I know it?

    Vinodh Reddy Chennu.

  18. @Sanjay
    Through this interview, I understand that we start our journey from zero and after struggle we achieve our goals. We don’t know our future but our future is depend upon our present. Today I can understand Sanjay Sir struggle and start my career in digital marketing.


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