My First Digital Marketing Workshop at IISC, Bangalore

Last weekend I conducted a digital marketing workshop at IISC Bangalore. This was the first time I conducted a workshop and met my readers and followers in person. It was a mind blowing experience.


The workshop had 82 attendees and many people had travelled from far off places to come to this workshop. One person had come all the way from Mumbai!


The training sessions were conducted by multiple trainers. I kick started Day 1 with Introduction to Digital Marketing. I talked about the opportunities in digital marketing, integrated digital marketing and the future of marketing.

Then we had Social Media Introduction by Sharan and SEO session by Shoaib Valai. Day 1 was concluded with an in-depth tutorial to paid advertising with Jayadev, Digital Marketing Manager from Exotel. Along with Jayadev, we showed everyone how to create paid campaigns using Google AdWords, and some basics on ad copywriting and keyword research.

There was not enough time to cover all the concepts because we were limited to 2 days. But in the future we hope to conduct longer workshops with deep dive in every digital marketing module.

shaoib valai

Day 2 was kick started with a live demo of registering a domain name and installing a wordpress blog in it. One of the participants was chosen from the audience and we created a website for him. The website is!

After the first session, Suryasnata took a session on Content marketing and blogging. After lunch we had a session on blogging and affiliate marketing opportunities by Shoaib Valai again.


The day was concluded with a session on Google Analytics by Bharathidasan, Digital Marketing Strategist from

Many people have requested for a workshop in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai. I will hopefully conduct one in the near future!


The workshop was facilitated by and a huge thanks to Kushal, the CEO and his team for making this happen! They took care of the entire process from ticketing to organizing the whole event which helped us focus on the content and delivery. Without them, the workshop wouldn’t have been a success!

college fever

Looking forward to conducting more workshops in more cities in association with Kushal!

Here are some video testimonials from the participants!

Testimonial from Ayman

Testimonial from Mayank

Do you want me to conduct a workshop in your city? Please leave a comment below and let me know what you want to learn and which city you are from!

32 thoughts on “My First Digital Marketing Workshop at IISC, Bangalore”

  1. Hi Deepak,

    I also had received invitations from you for attending this workshop. But, I couldn’t attend due some reasons and I missed a lot.

    I am happy to learn that the went very well with overwhelming response. I am planning to attend your next workshop. In case, you’re planning to conduct such workshops in Chennai, please let me know.


    K. Pugazhenthi

  2. Hi Deepak,

    Wonderful to see a great workshop conducted in Bangalore. The pics taken are so good,with nice response of 82 keen members attending it.
    Hope to see a workshop in Mumbai in near future and have a nice day 🙂

  3. Hi ,

    Thanks for us like a workshop . we are need to connect .
    i am also attendees this workshop , But i am in kolkata this not possible to come . next time .

    Thanks .

  4. Hi sir I am also doing a course in Digital Marketing but then after i finded your name and your course in the web and as you suggested i have made a website ( pls do visit my website pls give ur feed back on it Sir.

    Thank you and keep more people Inspiring.

  5. This is was a phenomenal Workshop. Everyone of the presenter was extremely knowledgeable. While they were fantastic in their domain they were all the more enthusiastic in sharing their knowledge with the participants. I am already waiting for the next workshop in Bangalore.

    Thank you Deepak and Team.

  6. Hello friends., I am from Sangrur Punjab. Basically I am a welder by profession. Last month I subscribed for a free Digital marketing course by
    This course open my eyes and light a flame in me to learn basics of digital marketing to live a life in wonderful ways by earning a good income. Now a days I am not living life ,I am just paying bills. Thanks to Deepak who share the hidden topics and secrets of this profession. I wish to request Deepak to arrange a workshop in Punjab.I was interested in workshop. But due to shortage of time I could not attend this first workshop on digital Marketing at IISC, Bangalore.

  7. Sir,
    Good morning.
    I am so happy to hear good news from you.
    Wish you all the very best.
    I am following your valuable tips&notes.
    Thank you.
    Hari Charutha

  8. Hi Deepak,

    I am writing this appreciation for successfully conducting the Digital Marketing Workshop.

    This workshop has personally given me a lot of take away. I had basic knowledge about digital marketing but it made me realize whatever I knew was a small part of this ocean of knowledge. ‎

    Thank you so much for a wonderful workshop covering most relevant topics of digital Marketing. If given a opportunity I would love to speak at one of your workshop about digital marketing and share very little knowledge I have by setting up a startup from scratch.

    Thank you again for a wonderful workshop. Hope I find opportunity to speak sometime and be a part of your venture.

  9. Dear Sir,
    This is Prajwal Wankhede from Aurangabad, Maharashtra.
    I have done MBA (Marketing ). I want to do career in digital marketing.
    I would like to part of this digital marketing. How can I join this ?
    Please Let me know process on email.

    Awaiting for your response.


  10. Would like to attend the next workshop from you. I am also a digital marketer in a MNC and have 6 years of experience. Have gone through your blog and its amazing and quite informative.
    Do inform us whenever the second workshop will be organized. I would also like to suggest to keep the next workshop in Indore (M.P.) as here you will get lots of listeners and followers. We here have a degree course MBA(e-commerce) in the DAVV university itself and students would love to attend the practical workshop here.

  11. Hi,
    I am closely following all ur blogs and ur web updates iam much interested in attending ur workshop plz do intimate the date and venue of the upcoming events..

  12. Hello ,I am very much interested in attending a workshop on Digital marketing ,Please do conduct a workshop in Bangalore.Thank you

  13. Hello! Do you have any plans to conduct a workshop in Chennai? I would like to know where to sign up to get updates on your next workshop.


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