Digital Vidya Vs. DSIM Digital Marketing Course Review

Digital Vidya Vs. DSIM Digital Marketing Course Review

Are you planning to go for a course in digital marketing? Looking for the best institute that offers a course that will actually add to your market value?

If yes, then you don’t need to brood over it any longer as I have sorted this for you.

Below is a comprehensive comparison between the two top digital marketing institutes – Digital Vidya and DSIM, so that you can easily choose an institute that suffices your needs.

Digital marketing is all the rage. This is the reason why companies are seeking for professionals or rather digital marketers who possess requisite skills to take their marketing campaign to the next level.

It is evolving as a great career opportunity as companies are even ready to pay a hefty sum to the adept digital marketers.

Boasting of a lucrative career, the field of digital marketing is attracting a plethora of students as well as working professionals. If you are also one of them, then you might have done a lot of research both offline and online to find the most credible and valuable institute to pursue a course in digital marketing.

After consulting your peers, seniors, relatives and even browsing online, you might have repeatedly heard two names Digital Vidya and DSIM. The common question that haunts most of the aspirants like you is – which one is better?

So, I thought of taking up this topic to help you out in making a sound decision. I’ll be comparing the two institutes based on 6 major verticals from students’ point of view. I compiled this information by contacting the alumni and by going through reviews of both the institutes on the web. So, let’s get started!

1. Institute’s Reputation, Course & Certification

Digital Vidya is a pioneer institute that exclusively offers digital marketing training. Its Alexa Ranking is 1991. The institute offers Certified Digital Marketing Master (CDMM) course, which is a government certified course.

They are training partner of Google, India which stands for their authenticity and credibility. The CDMM course includes modules on E-mail marketing, SEO, SEM, social media marketing and other areas like mobile marketing.

The duration of the course is 6 months. Apart from this, the institute offers 8 other courses in digital marketing.

Coming to the Delhi School of Internet Marketing (DSIM), it is another top-class institute that offers digital marketing training. Its Alexa ranking is 2792.

The institute offers Advanced Digital Marketing Training Program (ADMTI) and it has also partnered with Google, India.

The duration of the course is 3 months. There are altogether 17 modules in this course including Google Ad words, SEO, SEM, Google Analytics, Affiliate marketing, and Lead Generation.

2. Quality of Training Provided and Level of Trainers

In terms of the course contents, DSIM offers much more than Digital Vidya. But, they just teach the basics and the teaching is more focused on theoretical style. The impressive modules of DSIM are just to lure the candidates. As in general, only 60-70% of the course is covered. On the contrary, the modules offered by Digital Vidya have ample of information and entail deep knowledge of the domain. Apart from theory, the emphasis is laid on case-studies, practical learning, and weekly homework.

For each module, there is a dedicated trainer for courses offered by Digital Vidya. The trainers are highly experienced and knowledgeable. They are always available to respond to the queries, and the level of training imparted to the trainees is quite high. Though the trainers of DSIM are also very knowledgeable, skilled and domain expert, the training gets impacted due to improper infrastructure.

3. Classrooms / Mode of study

The DSIM has an edge over Digital Vidya in this vertical as it offers both online and in-class training. So, the candidates can choose the mode of study according to their comfort. The advantage of classroom training is that the students can directly clear their doubts and have direct interaction with the trainer.

Digital Vidya classrooms are conducted only through webinars. Their classes are well-structured and students are notified of upcoming classes via e-mails. The classes start right on time and not even a single classroom is missed.

4. After Course Support

Once enrolled with Digital Vidya, you’ll always receive invitations to value-added webinars, that too for free. The candidates will also receive weekly blogs on their email which will keep them aware of the trends and news in the field of digital marketing. All these enhance your domain-centric knowledge.

As far as DSIM is concerned, it also brings informative blogs regularly that can add to the information of any digital marketer. But, it does not inform its alumni either about the blogs or about the webinars. They’ll have to browse to the website to check these out.

5. Management

The entire management of Digital Vidya is focused on providing a healthy ambiance to all the students. Everyone ranging from relationship managers to the admin staff is affable and understanding.

They make sure that the trainees receive ample of knowledge and develop requisite skills. It’s a total value for money to do a course from Digital Vidya.

As far as I heard and read about DSIM, the staff of the institute is not so heedful. The institute has an improper infrastructure. You may even find 60 students in a single batch which makes it difficult both for the trainers and for the trainees.

6. Placement/ Job Opportunities

The Placement Department of Digital Vidya is very much active. They keep on sending information pertaining to the recruitment drive to the alumni as well as to its students from time to time.

They also provide proper career guidance which bolsters the value and credibility of the course. The placement rate of the institute and track record is also pretty impressive.

On the other hand, students have reported that DSIM just makes heaps of promises but fulfils none. Their Placement Department is not very active and in fact, seldom do they bother about the alumni.

So, this was a detailed review and comparison between both the institutes. Ultimately, it is your choice to pick the right institute for you.

But, as per my suggestion, Digital Vidya is better than DSIM. Choose Digital Vidya if you really want to pursue a genuine digital marketing course that enhances your knowledge as well as skills and offers a lucrative career ahead.