[Mind Map] List of Digital Marketing Tools

I did a webinar today morning on the various Digital Marketing Tools I use for my business.

You can download this mindmap here.

In this mind-map, I have classified the tools into the following categories.

  • Market and Niche Research Tools
  • Content creation and publishing tools
  • Traffic generation tools
  • Marketing Tools
  • Sales Tools
  • Reporting and Analytics Tools
  • Money collection and management tools
  • Personal Productivity Tools
  • Team and Project Management Tools

I hope you find this mind-map useful. Click on the image above for the full mind-map.

I will be updating this mind-map from time to time to let you know about the latest tools that come in the market.

Deepak Kanakaraju


5 thoughts on “[Mind Map] List of Digital Marketing Tools”

  1. Amazing Sir, can I also get access to today’s session over the youtube platform as well. As I missed slightly a part in the beginning.

  2. Today’s session was power packed. Time well spent after listening to the session. It was an eye opener as we came to know about much more reliable tools needed for our journey in DM. Thank You Deepak for keeping the effort in sharing your knowledge with us.


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