Google Ads Vs. Facebook Ads

There are two digital ad giants in this world.

One is Google and the other one is Facebook.

Many people see this as two places where online advertising can be done.

And many people put them into the same bucket of “paid ads”.

But both these platforms have a very big difference.

And that’s what we are going to understand today.

Google is a search engine.

People search for things.

They are looking for a solution to their problem.

They are either looking for information, news, entertainment, product or a service.

Here when we place an ad, we are meeting our potential customers half way.

It is like someone walking into a store and asking for something specific.

Since they are looking for us, and we are looking for them, the conversions are usually good.

Sometimes as much as 10% of the leads coming from Google Ads can convert into customers.

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How to Drive Mobile App Installs with AdWords’ Universal App Campaigns

Do you want to get more installs for your Android or iOS app? There are many networks and channels to promote your app, including some networks that incentivize the downloads. However, if you want genuine users, Google AdWords’ Universal App Campaigns are the best, easiest and fastest way to drive installs for your mobile app.


I call it easy because unlike other campaigns you do not need to set the target audience for your campaign, set keywords or upload any creatives. The data for creating the ad is fetched from the Play Store or App store page. The campaign auto-optimizes itself and delivers it to the right target audience who are most likely to install the app.

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Google AdWords Mastery: Home Study Video Course (with Certificate)

I have just launched Google AdWords Mastery – a complete home study video course to help you master Google AdWords. After completing this course you will get a course completion certificate too.


All the lessons are in video format and you will be able to download it in one go, or watch it online. After completion of the course, you will be capable of completing the Google AdWords exam and get certified from Google as well. Click here to purchase the course.

What’s covered in this course?

The following lessons are covered in this course. All the lessons are in video format that you can download and watch from the comfort of your home.

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What are View Through Conversions in Google AdWords?

In Google AdWords you may have noticed that there is something called View Through Conversions. This may show up in your reports and you may notice that certain display ads have driven view through conversions. This also shows up when you are trying to set up conversion tracking.

vtc column

Many people have asked me what view through conversions are and here is a simple answer. When you are running a PPC AdWords campaign, people click on your text based ad and then either convert or do not convert.

But when you are running a display ad, it is a little bit different. Apart from driving clicks, display ads also drives brand awareness.

Display advertisements online or just like hoardings that you see outdoors. Sometimes people may look at a display ad, remember the brand, and then visit the website of that brand.

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