Raman Kumar – Intern 14

About: Data Science (using R and Python), Digital Marketing & SCM Certified, Accounts Payable Experienced. 7+ Years of Experienced in Tata Consultancy Services. Worked in different domains (Energy Resources and Utilities, Retail, Finance & Accounting, Supply Chain Management). Team-oriented individual with excellent communication abilities seeks the position of Data Analytics. Offering exceptional programming, statistical analysis, and research abilities to extract, clean, and prepare data for data analytics model ingestion. Coming with a Master’s degree in Physics.

Experience with Internship: Lots of learning. Thanks for providing so many useful resources. The best decision I took during this lockdown was to learn Digital Marketing from you. Had an amazing experience. Highly recommend your teachings to everyone.

Goals: Become a Data Analytics in the field of Digital Marketing.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Blogging
  • FB Ads
  • Lead Generation

Contact Details:

  • LinkedIn Profile: Link
  • Twitter Profile: Link

1 thought on “Raman Kumar – Intern 14”

  1. Your blog technically endup saying Google ads are better as the leads generated with Google ads are 1500 like 500 more in comparison to lead generation through facebook which is 1000 as you mentioned….


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