How to Embed YouTube Videos Inside Email Campaigns?

Is there is a way to embed YouTube videos inside email campaigns? As a general rule it is not possible. YouTube videos are embedded inside websites using iFrame codes and if you try to include it inside email’s HTML code, it will not work. However there is a work-around for this.

embed youtube videos inside email

Here you can see a screenshot from a mailer campaign that I have created. This video is not embedded in the email. But it looks like it.

This is just a screenshot of the YouTube video added as an image inside the email campaign. If people click on it, it redirects to YouTube and starts playing 🙂

These types of emails have been extremely effective for me in generating click throughs for the links inside the email campaigns. You can also try it out and see how it works.

Instead of linking to YouTube, you can also link the image to your blog page which has the video embedded. This gives you more control because the visitors are on your website.

You can convert them into leads or encourage them to interact on the page like leaving a comment or ask a question.

When your email recipients use Gmail or Google Apps, they will be able to play the videos inside the mail if you link to YouTube videos directly in the mail without any redirects.

video links in mail

This is possible only inside Gmail and with YouTube links. The video appears towards the end of the mail and it can help increase engagement on your email.

I hope this article gave you some new ideas.

Any questions? Leave a comment below.