Deepak Kanakaraju’s Net Worth

I noticed that many people search for this keyword “Deepak Kanakaraju Net Worth” and I thought I could publish a blog post myself before someone else publishes some fake stats and that starts ranking on top.

In general, Net Worth is measured by how much a person is worth based on all his holdings and assets. However, I don’t think I can go with such a metric.

My goal always has been, and always will be to create the No.1 Digital Marketing Training program in India and maintain my market position. This is driven by my passion for digital marketing. I’ve also started an agency called Pixel Track, just so that I can keep my training as the best in the country. My focus is completely on making my training better.

I measure my net worth with the network I have. My network is my net worth. I’ve built an email list of 2,50,000 approx as of November 2017, and that’s my biggest asset. Most of the revenue that I make is not taken home as profits, but they are reinvested into the company again. Office, salaries, ad costs, hosting etc., takes most of the revenue away. But I am building my assets – the training programs and the follower base.

I am not yet a self made millionaire – and I do not target having $1,000,000 in net worth. My target is to have a subscriber list of 1,000,000 active followers. That’s gonna make me more happy than a million dollars in the bank. Because a subscriber list of a million people has multiple millions inside it waiting to be made. Having said that, the focus and ultimate goal is not just to make money but create value for other people – and make this world a better place with my own small contribution.

I believe that some day I will have more than a million dollars of net worth and that could happen in a few years from now, a decade from now or a few months from now. I am not too bothered about it because that’s the output (and I cannot control the output). However, I can control the input, and that’s the amount of value I can create.

I do have dreams of owning a BMW someday and here’s a pic from a recent test ride.

However, making more money and gathering material possessions for pleasure is a 2nd priority for me. The first priority is to enjoy what I do, create value and create conditions where I can keep creating value for decades to come.