Deepak Kanakaraju’s Contact Number

I noticed that many people are searching for this keyword. They are looking for my contact number. So I decided to make a post on this. My contact number is 9972099100 – but I do not attend many calls during the day.

I get 50-100 calls a day and I attend around 5-10 calls. That’s 10% of my incoming calls. Also, this is not the phone number that my Wife or Dad uses to reach me and that number is not going to be revealed to the public – just because I need to have some privacy!

How to Talk to Me or Meet Me?

The best chance to get in touch with me is to attend one of my workshops. I will be visiting cities and doing workshops all around India and it will be announced on my blog. Once you are in an event or workshop organized by me or my team, you will be able to talk to me.

You can also get in touch with me if you are a potential client of my Pixel Track agency.

I wish I could talk to everyone who wants to talk to me on the phone and share my contact number with everyone, but that is practically impossible because I’ve 100k+ followers and I am trying to add as much value to my followers through my courses and blog posts.