Mobile Marketing in 2013 and Beyond: Top 5 Trends, Opportunities and Challenges

mobilemarketingImagine a day in the distant future where marketers can directly communicate marketing messages in the form of “thoughts” into the minds of the target prospects. While such a day may never come, mobile marketing is the next best thing available to marketers.

People spend more time with mobiles than any other communication device available today and brands cannot afford to leave out mobile marketing in their digital marketing plan. According to mobile advertising industry was a $4 billion dollar market in 2012, will touch $7 billion dollars by 2013 and will go all the way up to $11 billion dollars in 2014.

Just a while back we were talking about how digital marketing is growing faster than traditional marketing industry and now its mobile which is taking the hot seat. According to, the mobile market share within digital advertising market reached 11% in 2012 Рup from 7% in 2011; which is a clear indication that mobile market is growing faster than the other digital marketing channels.

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