UsabilityHub – Usability Testing Tool with Real User Responses in 5 Minutes

As a digital marketer, you should always try to improve the conversion ratios of your ads, landing pages and sales pages. To improve the conversion ratio, you have to do A/B testing and usability testing of your web assets.


To start with we design websites on what we think our users would want. The reality could be different.

We would imagine that our users would use our website in a certain way. We imagine that our users will behave like we do. But when you do usability testing, you will realize that your users are different.

You have to design according to how they are and how they use your website. The only way to eliminate guess work and design according to user’s needs is to do usability testing.

Usability testing has come a long way. They used to cost $10,000+ per test and it has been coming down ever since. Usability testing all about hiring some real users, asking them to interact with the website and recording their responses.

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The Secret Method to Double or Triple Your Conversions Overnight

There are only two important things in digital marketing. The first one is traffic and the second one is conversion. This post is about increasing conversions. I know I have made a big claim about helping you double or triple your conversions, but in reality your conversions can go even higher than that. What you are about to learn here is not just a tactic but a strategy.

increase conversions

Tactics change from time to time depending on the trends and technology, but strategy remains consistent. The strategies I am about to reveal here have been consistent for 100s of years. These sales methods have been used even before the advent of the internet.

To make sales online, you need traffic. It doesn’t matter if you are selling display advertising space, other’s products for a commission or your own product. If you have got the traffic, you have the potential to make sales.

You may have tons of traffic, but if you do not focus on conversions, your revenue will be little to nothing. Here, conversion is defined as visitors to clicks, clicks to leads or leads to customers. (Read my post about top 7 digital marketing metrics if you want to know more about conversion metrics).

If you are selling display advertising, you may not be making much revenue if your banners are not positioned in strategic places. If you are collecting leads through a landing page, enough visitors may not be converting into leads if your landing page is not optimized for high conversions.

A lot has been said and talked about traffic generation online. Until now, enough attention and focus was not given to conversions. I think its because people have started to realize that there is a limit to how much traffic you can generate using a specific channel, but there is no limit to how much % increase in conversion you can achieve.

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