What are View Through Conversions in Google AdWords?

In Google AdWords you may have noticed that there is something called View Through Conversions. This may show up in your reports and you may notice that certain display ads have driven view through conversions. This also shows up when you are trying to set up conversion tracking.

vtc column

Many people have asked me what view through conversions are and here is a simple answer. When you are running a PPC AdWords campaign, people click on your text based ad and then either convert or do not convert.

But when you are running a display ad, it is a little bit different. Apart from driving clicks, display ads also drives brand awareness.

Display advertisements online or just like hoardings that you see outdoors. Sometimes people may look at a display ad, remember the brand, and then visit the website of that brand.

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Are You Advertising on Google Adwords For Your Brand Keywords?

You may be running a lot of AdWords campaigns promoting different products and services, but have you ever thought about advertising for your brand keywords?

Multi-Ethnic Group of People and Brand Concept

More often than not, your website will have No.1 ranking in the organic search results when someone searches for your brand name. So you may have not considered running a paid ad for that. In this post, you will find out why you shouldn’t miss out running ads for brand keywords.

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How to Target Only Mobile Devices in Google AdWords PPC Ads

mobile adsAfter Google AdWords launched their enhanced campaigns, targeting only mobile devices has become tricky. The way Google has built the new Adwords interface and campaign settings hints that they want you to create universal campaigns which will run in all the devices, without much options for device targeting.

However I want to run the ad only on mobile devices. How do I achieve it? Right now there is no option to setup a campaign only for mobile and there is no option in the campaign settings to turn of computers and tablets completely.

There is an approximate work-around to target only mobile devices in Adwords PPC ads, and this is the method that I use. In the campaign settings you can change the bids for mobile devices, computers and tablets.

device settings adwords

If you are running a campaign only for computers and tablets, you can decrease bids for mobile by 100% which would turn of ads in mobile.

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How to Generate B2B Leads Using Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a great tool for driving targeted traffic to e-commerce websites and other businesses. In the B2C market, the CPCs are not that high and is a great marketing channel for several businesses. But did you know that AdWords is also a great tool for generating B2B Leads?

adwords search

B2B Marketing comes with the huge challenge: you have to get the targeting right. For example, if you are selling a SaaS software to doctors, it makes sense to advertise on magazines and journals which doctors read. But even with such targeting, you are still shooting in the dark and only a small percentage of the people who see your ads are your prospects.

With AdWords, you show the ads only to the people who are searching for you. The seller and buyer meet each other half way and the place is Google search.

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How to Become a Google AdWords Certified Professional (Google Partner)

Many people recently asked me how to become a Google AdWords certified professional. This post is going to show you how. There is a bit of confusion in this arena because Google recently changed how the entire certification program works. Google AdWords certification is definitely a plus if you want to brand yourself as a … Read more