The Two Best Ways to Make Revenue from Blogging

I have been blogging for 10 years.

In these 10 years, I have read every possible book, training material, blog post, webinar and forum discussions on how to make revenue from blogging.

People talk about 100 different ways to earn from a blog.

They make a list of so many items and post it on their blogs.

But I realized something.

There are only 2 REAL ways to make revenue from your blogging efforts.

Only 2 major ways.

If you follow these 2 ways, you can become a full time professional blogger. And a financially successful one.

These 2 methods can help you make more than 95% revenue from the blog.

Everything else is just nice to have sources of income.

But these 2 ways are must have sources.

What are those 2 ways?

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Product Launches

99% of my blog’s income in the past 1 year has come from these two categories.

Many people think that blogging is a way to make money.


Blogging is not a business model by itself.

Blogging is a marketing method.

It is a tool to attract people to you.

These people can be potential customers.

Blogging will attract customers for your products.

If you have been to my blog because you searched something online, then I am attracting you to my blog. You might be a potential customer for my courses.

People first “pay” attention to your content.

That happens when you have good content published on your blog.

Now you have to convert this attention into money. Else you cannot pay yourself for the time and energy that you spend on your blogging efforts.

How to convert this attention into money?

You sell.

You can sell other’s products for a commission (affiliate marketing)


You can sell your own products. (Product Launches)

In the past 1 year I have launched a lot of products to my email list gathered from my blog.

I’ve launched:

  • The 100-day Blogging Course
  • Affiliate Marketing Course
  • SEO Mastery Course
  • Google Ads Course
  • Facebook Ads Course
  • And more…

I take this revenue and reinvest into the growth of my blog.

And I sell more products in the long term. Along with that my subscriber list also grows.

Many people try to monetize their blog with sponsored reviews and display ads.

They do not pay much.

You are earning attention from your readers with your content.

And you are selling that attention to someone else.

It doesn’t pay much because you have no control over display ads.

The offer might not be targeted to your audience.

That’s why I do not have any ads on my blog And I do not do sponsored reviews.

That’s why I sold my previous blog about motorcycles.

In that motorcycle blog, I was only able to make money from display ads (Google AdSense).

The ads were not always about motorcycles.

Sometimes I would see ads for life insurance and travel bookings on my own blog.

That reduces the user experience for your audience. And that is not a good thing.

You have to build a relationship with your audience.

A good relationship.

Give them what they want.

Don’t make fun of the attention they are paying you.

Once you build the trust with them, you can convince them of anything.

And you can sell products or services directly to them. (You have to!)

That’s when you will make the most returns on your blogging efforts.

All the successful bloggers that I know in the world have their own product.

The revenue from the product is what helps them pay for the blogging in the first place. That’s why their blogging is a success.

Sometimes when you start blogging… you won’t have much subscribers.

It is difficult to invest money in product creation at that time.

That’s why affiliate marketing is the next best option.

You promote other’s products on your blog.

And you make a cut every-time someone makes a purchase.

With affiliate marketing, you are a little bit more in control.

You can choose the products that you want to promote.

How you want to promote it.

And you will know exactly how much revenue you will make on every sale.

Once you sell affiliate products, you will understand that there is a market potential.

See which products converts best with your audience.

That way, you will know what product that you can create.

I did that myself.

I was promoting other digital marketing courses on my blog, and I noticed that people are buying!

Then I made my own products.

But ultimately,

Selling YOUR OWN PRODUCT to your audience is the best way to make money from your blogging efforts.

What do you think?

Agree with me?

Deepak Kanakaraju

12 thoughts on “The Two Best Ways to Make Revenue from Blogging”

  1. Hi Deepak,

    Absolutely agree with you and I believe the following 5 factors are making it easy to earn money selling online courses [informational products]:

    1) Change in Consumption: Users are comfortable and willing to spend time and money to learn via online.

    2)Content: Video Content which is available for end users on demand anytime, anywhere, in the comfort of home on a couch at their own pace for lifetime.

    3)Platform: It is easy to setup, and manage using a teaching platform where experts can share knowledge online.

    4)Work once done its done forever: Unlike the Offline classroom setup, online trainers deliver content one time and the same can be viewed by students at any point of time at any given day which is not possible offline. Non-Repetitive in nature which will give online trainer more time to focus on business promotion and get more customers.

    5)Scalable Business with Marketplaces for Support: Easily scalable with focused marketing efforts and likes of Udemy and YouTube platforms makes it, even more, marketing-friendly to sell online courses.

    Finally, 100% agree with you as people who are blogging for some time and have that flair of explaining the complex concepts in an easy way can leverage their skills and expertise to earn full-time income or even exponential income by launching their own products online.

  2. Yes, Deepak. You are right. I’m a new blogger and want to learn about making money online. Your article on main two ways helped me a lot. Thanks for your post.

    Natan Ray

  3. Thanks to introducing the truth – “Blogging is not a business model by itself. Blogging is a marketing method”. Nice article sir


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