Digital Marketing Jobs for Freshers in Bangalore

Bangalore is the tech-hub of India. There are many marketing and tech related job opportunities in Bangalore. While Mumbai is known as the finance hub of India, when it comes to technology, Bangalore is the best destination for job seekers. The weather in Bangalore is also pleasant, and it attracts a lot of young job seekers, especially freshers into the city.

Consumers are watching less of TV, reading less of newspapers and magazines. Everyone is spending more time on digital devices and that means brands have to reach consumers via digital marketing. Digital marketing is the best and the most cost efficient way for startups to reach customers today.

There is no college degree that exists for digital marketing. The need for digital marketers has exploded in the past few years. More companies are hiring for digital marketing positions than ever before, and if you are looking for a fresh start in your career, this list will help you.

In this blog post, let’s have a look at the latest openings in digital marketing for freshers in Bangalore.

1. SEO Content Writer – Catori InfoTech Private Limited

Catori InfoTech is a digital marketing agency that provides digital marketing services to its clients. The company is based in Bangalore and they are looking for a SEO content writer who also has digital marketing skills.

You will be required to write 2-3 articles a week and help their clients in their SEO strategy. Knowledge of digital marketing tools, especially keyword research tools will be an added advantage.

2. Digital Marketing Manager – Absentia Virtual Reality Pvt. Ltd

Absentia is developing a virtual reality head mount display enabling conversion of any of the existing content to stereoscopic side by side 3D view. They are looking for a digital marketing manager who can take care of all their digital campaigns online.

This is an interesting company to work for, and your responsibility is to market their product online when no previous demand for the product exists. You will be creating ad campaigns for demand generation, rather than demand fulfilment.

3. Head of Digital Marketing – Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Kimberly-Clark Corporation is an American multinational personal care corporation that produces mostly paper-based consumer products. They are looking for a digital marketing manager that can help them with their marketing campaigns.

Their products are mostly B2C and you will be required to have a good understanding of all the digital marketing concepts. Knowledge about YouTube ads, display ads and branding campaigns will help you get through the selection process.

4. Digital Marketing Coordinator – Valenta BPO Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Valenta BPO solutions is looking for a digital marketing fresher with 0-3 years of experience. If you join this company, you will be responsible for writing content for their website, managing their YouTube channel and SEM campaigns.

They are looking for someone with strong communication skills, excellent time management and organisational skills.

5. Digital Marketing & Analytics – Accenture

Accenture is one of the biggest digital marketing services companies among other digital marketing agencies in India. Accenture is looking for digital marketers who can join their Bangalore operations.

They are looking for digital marketing freshers, as well as experience people.

6. Digital Marketer – Digimasol

Digimasol is digital marketing agency based out of Bangalore, India. They provide digital marketing services like SEO and SEM to their clients. They are looking for a digital marketer who can help their clients with SEO and SEM. They are hiring both freshers and experienced digital marketers.

7. Digital Marketing Executive – Reich Business Solutions

Reich provides recruitment and staffing solutions to their clients. They are looking for a digital marketing executive who is ready to learn quickly, implement fast and build a team.

Learn Digital Marketing and Become Skilled

There are plenty of digital marketing jobs in Bangalore, and the opportunities are open for freshers in digital marketing.

The best way to learn digital marketing is by starting a blog of your own. When you start a blog, you will learn digital marketing by doing, than just by bookish learning.

Your blog becomes your playground for trying and learning all the digital marketing concepts.

I learned digital marketing because I wanted to grow my motorcycle blog BikeAdvice. I was not an expert before I started the blog. I was just learning the basics of digital marketing.

As I started growing my blog, I became more comfortable with digital marketing. I had validated learning from the results of my work. The results motivated me to learn digital marketing more, and implement it on my blog to grow my blog.

With a blog, you will be able to learn the basics of SEO, social media marketing and web-analytics without any investment. If you can invest a little bit of money, you can also learn search engine marketing and Facebook Advertising.

Most of the jobs in Bangalore for digital marketers doesn’t require to have an advanced degree in marketing. You just need to have mastered the basics of digital marketing, and the best way to prove that you know how to execute digital marketing is to have a blog to show for.