Lesson 2: Creating Facebook Business Manager Account

To run Facebook Ads effectively you need a business manager account. Many people run ads from their personal account and it is not recommended.

The Facebook Business manager has certain advantages when it comes to team access, invoicing and better support.

In this lesson, I cover:

  • The benefits of creating a Business Manager account for better security, reliability, and dedicated support from the Facebook Ads team
  • The hierarchical structure of a Facebook Ad account, pixel sharing, audience sharing, domain verification, and more
  • Important tips on verifying your business manager account to protect it from potential bans and ensure a seamless advertising experience
  • Best practices for adding users, managing permissions, and controlling access to your ad accounts and pages for improved efficiency, collaboration, and security

Additionally, I discuss:

  • Guidance on navigating Facebook's support system, including creating support cases, accessing chat support, and working with a customer success manager assigned to your account
  • The importance of domain verification to ensure compliance with Facebook's advertising policies and protect your campaigns from potential issues
  • How to utilize Facebook's API and third-party tools to streamline your advertising efforts and enhance performance

To create a Facebook Business Manager account, you need a Facebook Account.

Make sure that you have 2-factor authentication enabled for your Facebook account. I prefer using hardware authentication keys such a Yubi key for login.

Deepak Kanakaraju