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  1. Hi Deepak,

    I’m interested in potentially hiring you as a freelance youtube ad campaign manager for us. We currently do Facebook and email advertising and would like to add youtube advertising as a channel. Do you have a number I could call you on? Or perhaps a skype ID? I’m located in Dubai so our timezones aren’t that far off.



    • i am read in 1st year. can i admit the digital marketing course..actually i am develop my career in sells marketing..plz suggest me sir..

  2. Hi Deepak !

    Im very interested in RUNNING a youtube campaign with a few commercials in my area. Im in the los angeles,Ca. area .
    is this something you can do for me ?

    or if you have any other ideas ,my youtube channel ,is thetwinplumbers TV
    alot of inbound marketing that may have potential for optimization.

    cheers !
    David schuelke

    • hi deepak,
      I am a college dropout and I am planning to persue a course in digital marketing. I wanted to know whether any kind of graduation is a must to apply for digital marketing jobs or is it not necessary? it will be very kind of you if u can share your nu

  3. Hi
    dear deepak sir,
    need your valuable opinion on somethings what we are missing now actually i tried to contact yesterday also, please check our website and let us know what all are we need to apply for getting best.

  4. Hi Deepak,

    I am working as a Digital marketing expert.I want to get the Google Adwords Certification.Can you please help me ? I need your cooperation

    Thank you
    Sushant rout
    +91 95900 82740
    +91 94834 27997

  5. I want to prepare for the Inbound Marketing Certification. Can you suggest me some resources which can help me?

    Thanks & Regards,

  6. Hai Deepak
    I am trader and I would like to bring my business online too.
    But I like to sell to customers within India only and Indian currency only without payment Gateway.
    ie through paypal account
    Unfortunately Paypal People not accepted indian rupees.

    Any useful suggestions please…..

  7. Hello Deepak,
    Greetings of the day,
    I am thinking to start a project of mental peace through yoga, meditation, laughter therapy, music therapy and much more. For this project i want proper marketing whether it is online or offline. If you are interested in working with us reply me through email.
    Looking forward to work with you.
    Thank you,
    Mukul Chopra

  8. Hi

    could u plz help me to know abt analytics exam & its certification. i have done a course of mobile app analytics fundamentals. Do i need to go for Others courses like digital analytics fundamental and so attempt an exam.

    it wud b grateful if i get a reply from U.


  9. Hi Deepak,
    Great article on book publishing. I am in process of writing a book and started to look at all the logistics of it and your article is a great help. I wonder if you could point any good publishing houses in Bangalore. I am there often and have time to visit and get a better feel of the company.
    appreciate your feedback.

  10. Dear Deepak-Can you please revert on the query about WebMarketing Academy(I guess I wrote to you about this a couple of weeks back)Thanks.

  11. Hi Deepak,

    Thanks for sharing the information regarding Adwords exams. Just wanted to know these exams are free or has some fees associated with it.



  12. I am working as a Digital marketing expert. I want to get the Google Adwords Certification. Can you please help me ?

    I need your cooperation.

  13. Hi Deepak,

    I am working as a Jr.Digital marketing Analyst.I want to get the Google Ad words Certification.Can you please help me?

    Thank you

    • Go-to this link and Sign-in with your google Account :-

      Take the test
      Get above 80%
      Get Certification

      All The Best!

  14. Hi,
    Myself Vikrant from Mumbai,have 14 yrs of experience in sales and marketing specially in Infrastructure Management ,People manegement,IT Trainings. I am already working as freelancer to consult companies and startups to design their marketing strategy and regular improvement. I am also trying learn about Digital marketing in depth to value add my current offerings to my clients.

    Kindly guide,need to have detail conversation with your goodself at the earliest.
    Warm regards
    Vikrant Pawar

    • Hi supritha,

      prashant from bangalore i am interested in digital marketing course can guide me in this, pls reply me bach ASAP


  15. Respected sir ,

    Iam doing Commission junction and click bank affiliate marketing With my free blog .
    Iam doing full time job in my CHEMISTRY Fileld .

    I do not have idea about Google adwords / adsense / PPC / web hosting / content writing / Email marketing / creation of landing or squeeze pages / soloads etc .

    How should i get sales and traffic in order to earn money from CJ / click bank ?


  16. Hello Sir,

    I have completed my MCA 2015. I done my 6 month Internship and 4 months as a PHP developer, But now company switch my work as a SEO/Digital Marketing Executive and i like this work so can you please suggest me digital marketing have good scope in future?and can i continue my career as a digital marketing executive? Please help me.

    Thanks in advance

  17. Hi Deepak,
    I am living and working in Australia. Born in the village near Kollegala its situated 60km from Mysore, Karnataka. I am trying to explain briefly so please read and suggest me. Today in NDTV online news I read about former Wipro employee who build a website for his village to encourage digital India and help farmers in his village. The story touched my heart and opened my eyes to help my village by building a Website. Me working as Mechanical engineer. So I got no idea about where to start and how much does it cost to build a website. So please kindly suggest.


  18. Hi Deepak, I’m Krishnan from Bangalore. Am interested in Digital Marketing course (classroom). Kindly share your phone number so that I can discuss this in detail.


  19. I am pursuing my MCA . I am working as a seo executive i like this work so can you please suggest me digital marketing have good scope in future?and can i continue my career as a digital marketing executive? Please help me.

  20. Hey Deepak
    I want to make a website (blog) but I am unable to register on blue host cause i don’t have Credit card as well as paypal account.Any idea that how can i manager?

    • register in paypal … through ur debit card, i also don’t have credit card .. its easy with debit card linking with pay pal . than u can use paypal for payment

  21. Hi Deepak,
    I have a BPO background with more than 7 years of experience. So
    1) Can a person like me start fresh with a carrier in Dig Marketing?
    2) Can I get a chance to work with organizations like google or flipkart..?
    3) I have no MBA in marketing and I am just a please advise.

  22. Hi sir This is Deepak from Bangalore I would like to make a blog on Meditation for wellness What cost does it take to create a Blog on a custom domain name.I recently joined a Digital Marketing Course and i found ur videos very useful as you make it very simple to understand as a part of self branding i wanna try this so i am asking u this question.

  23. hi sir ,i am interested in learning digital marketing from scratch please guide me the right place in mumbai city,since there are lot many options its very confusing to choose one.
    I am a Post Graduate in Marketing & Communications, Currently working with Datamatics Global for there upcoming ecommerce Project with Walmart.
    Sir Please get back to me as soon as possible

  24. Sir, I need to Grow up my popularity in the industry. im doing marble granite business. how can i promote my own marble and granite stones. and what are all the ways to promote. Please advice in detail.

  25. Hi Deepak,
    I’m prashant from Bangalore. Am interested in Digital Marketing course (classroom). Kindly share your phone number so that I can discuss this in detail, pls reply me back


  26. Dear Deepak,
    Is it possible to use debit card(visa) to paid in facebook page propogation. Can you please tell me to collect email id of specified group such as ( in an area / degree holders /between the age /)like that.

  27. Hi Deepak,

    You have valid points which I easily can take away from. On a another note, when I leave your site a display ad takes over the screen, where and how can I get that same ad feature for my site and others.

    Thank you,


  28. Hi Deepak,
    Greeting of the day!!!

    I did B.Tech in computer science stream in 2014. I was working in an IT startup. There I was handling multiple responsibilities i.e. software development, business development, business analysis, making complete flow for different products.

    I was more into technical but I was not enjoying that so I quit the job.

    I love to do market research, business research, to read about startups, to make strategies for products, to understand the consumer behaviour , to launch new product in the market, to analyze the product i.e. how it is performing in the market, to make strategies for the product.

    I have theoretical knowledge of SEO,PPC,Social Media Management etc.
    I realized that I don’t enjoy in content writing and SEO. But I enjoy in analytics part.

    Now, I have 1.8 years of experience. If I go into digital marketing then I will be treated there as a fresher.

    I want to ask you that how is the career in the digital marketing and should I go in digital marketing? What field should I choose in digital marketing like affiliate marketing, PPC? I have done affiliate marketing for HireMeCar and DealsPricer.
    What’s the average package I can get or a 2 years experience can get?

    As I know that in development you can easily get the package of 10-12 Lakh but can a person can the same package in digital marketing field?

    In future, I want to start my own start-up so should I go in digital marketing?

    Please guide me .

    Looking forward to hear from you soon.

    Thanks & Regards

  29. Hii, Deepak,
    I want to know, how to get the google adwords and other related certification and what is the procedures to get this??

  30. Hi Deeapak ,

    want to know , can i upload my wordpress website on AWS . Found that Hostgator service is too expensive , out of my budget .Please suggest some cheat and best alternative .

  31. Hi Deepak ,

    Based on your suggestion , i looked for Hostgator subsription for host of my website . But found that that is too expensive for me . I tried to find some alternative path which is AWS . Please suggest can i continue with same or if you have some other cheap and best suggestion . Please let me know . Waiting to purchase that subscription .

    Thanks & Regards

  32. Dear Sir I am a reader of yours and I was following the digital marketing course which you send to my mail. Now I am not getting any mail, the last mail I received was on 20 mrch, which is six days back and the course was about Facebook marketing. Please let me know any particular reason to stop the course so that I can take the corrective measures as it was very interesting to learn from you and I was keen on following all your mail. Thanking you
    Ajesh Soman

  33. Dear Deepak ,

    IAm Rizwan deaf. I want to learn digital marketing using transcripting video with help of your voice. I Please help me to do freelancer in home . I have worked as blogger only .

    With regards

  34. Hi Deepak,

    I have completed my MBA in marketing (2015) and I am interested in Digital Marketing. It would be great if you can suggest me some good training institutes in Bangalore.

    Thanking in advance

  35. Hello Deepak, my name is Soumya and i’m going through your lessons currenty . i am stuck in purchasing a web hosting plan. there are two plans for hatchling plan one costs $8.76/mo and another one costs 311.44rs/mo . so which plan should i go for please help me. Thank u

  36. Dear Mr. Deepak,

    I would like to do the course for Digital media marketing & SEO
    Please suggest me the some good options.


  37. Hi Deepak,
    i m very much curious about the digital marketing so that i want to learn about seo, google adwords can you help me please for that How can i learn ? can i meet you ? can you teach me for it. i will be thankful because i need a job and learning .

  38. Hi Deepak,
    We are looking to revamp our SEM and SEO initiatives. The engagement would involve
    1. Audit of the current initiatives
    2. Strategy and planning
    3. Internal team mentoring and Goal setting.

    I’d love to know how we could work this out.

    +91 97414 98410

  39. Dear Deepak ,

    IAm k.yogeswara Rao deaf. I want to learn digital marketing using transcripting video with help of your voice. I Please help me to do freelancer in home . I have worked as blogger only .

    With regards
    k.yogeswara Rao
    9010542160 .8008761789

  40. Hi Deepak

    i want to make a e-commerce website with good SEO Score, can you help me in this. i am not a computer science student.

    Thanks & Regards

  41. I am Interested in Digital Marketing. Please give me an opportunity in this field. as i am working as administrative work and also interested in Digital marketing how can u guide me or help me out

  42. HI Deepak !

    I have dropped numerous mail regarding my queries about Internet marketing in your email id but it’s almost 4-5 days my queries are still unanswered. Moreover I have even posted my queries in your facebook page as well as your inbox but still my messages, post and mail are unanswered and hence I will request you to check your mail , Fb group and FB messenger. I will be gr8 of you if you for a chance take a look at your mail as well as social media and for a chance reply back to it .

    I will be gr8 if even by chance you get to this comment and revert back to it . 🙂

    • Hey I am sorry. Life and work is hectic and I am into too many projects at once. Hope you can understand 🙂

  43. Hi Deepak,

    We are looking out for a consultant for all kinds of inbound marketing. Please let me know if you are interested.

  44. hello deepak , I have recently started a tech niche website and want to know that can we write articles about the torrent. does these torrent articles effect my SEO because torrent is something related to illegal.
    Does google will penalize me for these articles.

  45. Hi Deepak,
    i am Planning to start an e-commerce site i need free templates and hosting links etc, i need to do of my own , plz advice some links and ideas if possible. TIA

  46. Hi,
    We would want to understand if you have used a specific methodology to arrive at the list of top digital marketing agencies.
    HiveMinds is a top digital marketing company, a certified Google Partner having served more than 100+ top notch clients.
    It would be great if you could provide us your contact details so that we can discuss this as we are interested in getting listed in your ranking.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Lakshmi Radhakrishnan

  47. Greeting Mr deepak Actually i am Pursuing my mba in a autonomous College I Am intrested to take Marketing as My Specilization Please suggest me how is the carrer in digital Marketing
    +91 7207355350

  48. Hi Deepak , Myself , a Talent Acquisition Professional (Recruiter ) willing to Get Trained /Learn on Google Certifications – Please share Your Guidelines how to go About it

  49. hi sir my name is saurabh nd,i have done my graduation in (cse) this year,bt iam not intrsted in coding programing etc. so iam confused go for digital marketing course or do mba in digital marketing ? i dont know what is the mjaor bw both of them… please sir give me sum suggestion…..

  50. Hey,
    I’m a big fan of your blog. The contents on your blogs about tech and startups are awesome!
    I need a favour from you sir, Im Deepak Pandey an Enterpreneur from Mumbai, India.
    Me and my team are searching for influencers who can features our app in their blogs.
    Please share the requirements for the same.

    Keep writing articles like these. We love your blog!


    Deepak Pandey
    Maglu Inc
    Mumbai India

  51. Hi Deepak,

    I am Sai Kiran , briefing about myself am 2011 pass out MBA (Marketing )graduate and having 5 years of experience in Sales & Marketing.

    Deepak am new to learn digital marketing, please share Your Guidelines how to go about it.

    Sai Kiran N.G

  52. Dear Sir
    I am a student of your digital Marketing on-line free course. I am very interesting in this course. Actually I am a business man and passed only M Com and I have not any technical knowledge in this subject . Unfortunately I all ready purchase on domain from godaddy and one business hosting from hostgateor but i have not any idea about how the domain plug in to the hoster and i want to plug in two or three domain in the same hosting place. in the lesson 4 you are telling about the same and connecting to your blog for its details. But i cannot fin it out from your blog sight. so please help me some more details how to connect the domin to my hosting area.

    Thanks and regards
    Mahesh kumar.R

  53. Hi sir,

    I got an assignment to design social media strategy for any online store and they told that campaign must include the strategy in terms of messaging,tageting,timeline,postengagement and they asked to mention the reasons and to share the copy.Please respond to this mail sir ASAP

  54. Hi Deepak,

    i am working with an event services company and its been only 3 months. all our digital marketing is done by third party and my responsibility is to provide them inputs and see the things are going accordingly. I am interested in digital marketing but have no prior knowledge of the subject and IT part also. Kindly suggest me what should be my first step. I was going through the contents of some DM traning programmes, but the terms they are bit confusing. so suggest me how shall i proceed beacuse i just dont want to enter a traning programme and waste my time and money.

  55. hi sir, i just joined ur digital marketing online course, i find it very helpful. i had a question that whether i can use this method to promote my restaurant and if yes, how can that be done??

  56. Hi Deepak da,I’ve started digital marketing course following your tutorial and I really thank you for this your tutorial is just awesome but the problem is in tutorial 4 you’ve showed how to own domain & hosting.But I am from Bangladesh,so advise me how could I own domain & hosting and to be continued to your digital marketing course .
    Thank you very much

  57. I enjoyed the first lesson. Even though people will hire you for results, in our part of the world, people would normally ask you for certification before trying you for results. Do you offer any type of certificate for your course? I can see I am going to have some good tuition anyway.
    Thank you for the opportunity

  58. Dear Deepak,

    I am a digital marketer myself and have been handling quite a no. of campaigns. I am writing to get some advice from you regarding one of the campaigns I have been handling for a client of mine, who is in the diet domain.

    I am using lead builder in facebook and till august it has been wonderful We started off in february and till august starting CPL was around 200, which was pretty decent. I have used various methods. I have used multiple themes, visuals, to push in new content. I beleive you will agree that good marketing in facebook means good content. After much of optimization we have identified some audience set which has over the period of 3 months given us very great results. Here comes the bad part. Since September same set of audience set is giving me leads @600. It has doubled. I really don’t know why this has happened.I have analyzed day and night and there is no answer to this puzzle. Can you give some advice. I would like to discuss more on this provide you have the time.

  59. I read your article on top SMS gateway providers. I wish to start an SMS reselling in Nigeria. Please which sms could you recommend that covers my country – Nigeria.

    Secondly, I registered for your digital marketing course but have not been able to attend any class. Could you please reschedule me for 5 October 2016.
    Thank you.

  60. Sir,I am Akshay Parit,from Islampur,Maharashtra..I am still Studying in Computer Engineering Final year….i want to learn Full SEO course…and i also want working with you…so,please give me information about these course..
    Our Regards,
    Akshay Parit

  61. Hello Deepak sir,
    I’m Nazifa from Bangladesh,I’m currently doing my major in Marketing and looking for an opportunity to increase my skills and knowledge in digital marketing. As a beginner is there anything I should do more to improve my knowledge?As I’ll be a graduate next year I’m aiming for getting in to the job sector of digital marketing.
    Thank You!

  62. I am trying to Boost a video from last 2 days on facebook, but I am unable to get responses, my ad had approved but I don’t get a reach or response, I already added money through manual mode(paytm) INR 500 into my prepaid account, I don’t know how to get my ad running. could you help me?

  63. Hello Dipak Sir..
    My self Rahul Panchal. Actually I want to start my own business on digital marketing currently i am working as SEO expert, developing web pages in php. and also study in final year of engg with information technology branch. and i want to learn digital marketing with perfect way, I also want to get the Google Adwords Certification.. how can i be in touch with you so that i can gain maximum knowledge from you. I got your assignment1, books and all it’s really helpful.

  64. Hi Deepak,
    I am not sure if you will be able to check this message anytime soon, but I really need to talk to you regarding one of your blogs. Its bit urgent and I will deeply appreciate if you can call me at 00447592333270, else just share your contact details and time preference please.

  65. Hi Deepak,

    Thank you for your comparison list.

    I was wondering if you could suggest me a domain registar to move away from godaddy.

    I am undecided between Hover, Gandi & Dynadot. However, I am been told to avoid the last one, as I am an individual (and not that tech savvy), and have only 2 domains that are mine personal.

    Whois is a must. Complete privacy.

    On a budget, but having 2 only I am ok to spend few bucks on top of the cheapest options.

    No headace: I really want something that is easy to use, autorenew, so I don’t need to check it on a regular basis

    I would like to avoid big companies such as namecheap or name etc..

    Any advice for me?

    Thanl you ever so much for your atttention!


  66. Hi Deepak,

    This is naveed here from Sri lanka. I actually was going through one of your blogs and have subscribed to your digital lectures and found it quite interesting. I am currently a marketer with more than 8 years of industry experience and from recent have been practicing digital. I just have two questions for you….

    1) Just wanted to know if you knew any comprehensive digital marketing course that teaches the whole digital eco system and how you can take advantage of it in Sri Lanka?

    2) If i am to get google adwords certified. Is going through google easier or is their any other easier alternative. Because i am already following the course material on google itself, but the thing is the information is quite overwhelming.


  67. Hi Deepak

    I am expanding my business and our business model into India. Was hoping to possibly get a online / over the phone interview with you that could be possibly published.

    Charanjev Bhatti ( Tranj)
    Managing Director

  68. Hi

    I am currently working as Travel Content Researcher for a online social networking site for travel. 50% of my role has evolved to carrying out online marketing efforts in the form of…email marketing, keyword research for blogs, monthly analysis of site traffic through google analytics, running facebook ad campaigns, FB analytics etc.

    I am personally interested in analytics, SEO, search engine marketing.
    Please advise what steps to take to specialise in these areas of digital marketing.

  69. Hi Mr. Deepak,

    I have download and have installed, but now I have stuck how to create a blog.

    Kindly suugest me.

    Looking forward in mine mail.

  70. Hi Deepak, Recently I have started affiliate marketing for Amazon. Daily promoting Products, doing little bit of SEO But sales was not generating, What I have to do for selling products, Can you give any suggestion and please give reply to this mail id.

  71. hello sir i have visited your videos which is given by rakesh sir from hyd
    i wana learn in depth and i wish to continue my career. plz help me

  72. Hi Deepak,

    I would be highly obliged to receive your guidance for the following questions please:

    1. I wish to get Google Adword Certified. Will you be helping me achieve this? How long does it take to get prepared for attempting it?

    2. I have already purchased a domain name and hosting from Go Daddy. I wish to start my own online magazine about political, technology and entertainment news and updates. Would this enable me learn and practice hand in hand as recommended by you?

    3. I eventually plan to provide a platform for local vendors to sell their products through my portal. But in order to do that I believe the portal needs to achieve enough traffic and recognition. Will you be helping me achieve this milestone?

    4. I am not comfortable with wordpress themes and do not know how to use them effectively. I tried doing so and have encountered hurdles while customizing or for that matter designing them. The display theme look and feel changes drastically after installing them. And the panel becomes all the more confusing. Maybe my mental block. I am rather comfortable with html, js, css codes. Can I use such themes for my site?

    Would be eagerly waiting for your response and advise.

    Thanks in advance,

  73. Dear Sir,
    I want to do digital marketing course please tell me what shouls i do and what’s it cost and duration.
    Thanks !

  74. Hi deepak,

    I registered with your site and am following your lessons on digital marketing , i have bought a domain at go daddy and can u pl get me a free webhosting site where i can host the content

  75. Hi deepak you really changed my perspective toward digital marketing. I had written a book earlier but I couldn’t market it because I didn’t know ABC of marketing. But when I came into your contact, I came to know why I missed the mark earlier. I am learning a lot of things from your articles. Thanks a lot

  76. Hi Deepak
    I was trying to host my domain in for a discount offer you talked about. it is not happening for some reason. if i am using your code that shows invalid code. pls help.

  77. Hi Deepak.

    Good Morning.

    I have started following your lessons, they are really helping me a lot in understanding little nuances about this sector. I have specifically 2 Questions –
    1. Having my own venture, so should I start practicing with my venture now? Had already purchased Domain Name for that.
    2. How to build a Website?

  78. Thanks sir, for your great assistance. i am an online learner of your gmail classes. I need one help my adsense amount was stuck at 91$. And when somebody clicking on my ads. the revenue increasing and after 1 hour it is reducing by itself. i asked so many members in this regard and none of them given me any answer. and i hope you will give.

  79. Sir I am running an educational startup hence looking desperately for social media marketing expert. Please contact me so that your valuable services can help my startup .I am from India.

  80. Hello, deepak im a graduate student, then only get certification in digital marketing is this enough for good carrier in this field ? or does it require degree in MBA in marketing too ???

  81. Hello Deepak Sir, yesterday i started your free training of digital marketing. I received lesson 1 link on my email and you said that i will send you lesson 2 by 11 am today, but i did not received it yet. Please help me.


  82. Hi
    This is Manish kumar.I am a “FRELLANCE 3d ANIMATOR”I am new subscriber of your free digital marketing course.I have lost the 2nd course.So please send me the 2nd course to my mail id.I am very interesting to read this.You are doing very good Job for peoples.


  83. Hi Deepak,

    I would like to migrate our website to wordpress. can you advise how I do this or point me towards someone that may do this for us

  84. Hello Sir
    I registered today for you free DM course but i did not recieve any video lectures yet on my mail. I am keen to learn DM. Kindly send me the videos Sir. Thank you. Awaiting your reply.

  85. Sir i am following your lessons daily and now i created my webpage and as well as blog where in that i am posting my articles as you told like and i need some information related to how to clear the test of Google adward test and get certified from that ..please send me the details about clearing the Google adword and now i am having some interest on social media marketing please suggest me , which book r source should i refer for that , i have plans to start my career in social media marketing


  86. hi Deepak Sir,
    I saw your lesson 4 and I purchased a domain from
    but I am facing problem when I m trying to purchase hosting from as they are not accepting payment thru my debit card and there is no option for net banking also. I tried to purchase hosting thru Hostgator (indian website) also, but there when I m using DIGITALDEEPAK for discount coupon again itd not working for which I have to ultimately pay a higher amount to purchase hosting..

    Now I am in trouble or say I am in betwenn as I m unable to understand what to do or not to do?
    please revert and kindly do the needfull

    my domain which i purhased is :

    if needed please provide me with your phone no for assistance. my ph no is +91 9734122229, I would be thankfull if u could make a call to me for assistance as I have already purchased a domain after viewing your tutriol and if the things dint work out then my money and hard will be wasted

    thanking you
    vikash agarwal

  87. Hi Deepak,.

    Just finished watching Lesson 2. I have a small confusion, should i start a blog right away or wait till the completion of the course.


  88. Hello deepak i am new to digital marketing i have read few articles of urs and i found very interesting and challenging.i work in collection company for past 5yr as a debt collector and i ask myself evryday what am i doing.plz help me starting plz recomend me how can i start learning

  89. Hi,

    Deepak its Highly appreciate your Digital Marketing lessons,
    I am new to digital Marketing however old to marketing as your lessons raise my hopes in marketing Thanks Bro.


  90. Hello Sir,

    Greetings from UBS College, Karjat

    I am a frequent reader of your blogs and learnt alot. To forward your knowledge and guidance we are willing to conduct a seminar in the college. For this event, your presence as a speaker will be the best thing for students and the faculty over there. Sir its a request from the college if you can come for the seminar. Please reply if you are interested. We are eagerly waiting for your comment on the event .

    Rahul Kothari

  91. This is Alikanti here from Singapore . I actually was going through one of your blogs and have subscribed to your digital lectures and found it quite interesting. I am currently a IT Sales professional with 3 years of experience and I had a plans to change my career to Digital Marketing Expert .

    1) Just wanted to know if you can Teach me digital marketing course and am ready to take through online or Classroom sessions kindly revert back .


  92. Sir done with domain , please help me in hosting I have completed the free hosting process . Waiting for reply thank alot . 🙂

  93. Hi Deepak,

    we are pitching to an Insurance company and the main point in clients requirement is doing Email marketing to the verified database that they have.

    I would like to discuss on same


  94. hello sir,
    Myself Jagadish Prasad from laldarwaza. I am following your lessons regularly, but its taking too time to get another lesson. Recently i got mail, that you are ready to generate certificate of digital marketing course. But in that certificate its mentioned that digital marketing basics course certificate. I want expert certificate. I am a blogger presently running a blog named, but the traffic to the site is low, I am trying to increase it. please give me any suggestion, how to increase me website traffic and please send the course lessons daily wise. Thank you.

  95. Dear Deepak
    Warm regards.
    I would first congrachulate u doing such a wounderful job giving free lesson on digital marketing as per your three chapter i have learned that doing yourself is only the key for digital marketing as i have also made my blog under the name of himachal politics .com and i have only able to see the traffic to my blog only from facebook as i have able to raise the blog to the first page in himachal by doing some tricks with seo as i have been blogging from december and has written nearly 20 posts but could not increase the traffic i have purchased the domain name from godaddy . pl. guide me i have not able to create logo . I am thanks for giving me basic certificate on this very course ,waiting eagerly for another lesson to come

    thanks once again

  96. hi sir
    my name is mohit parmar
    m very much intrested in digital marketing so if we discuss
    that would be better my number is 9898525496 when ever you will free pls give me call i want know more about course and your batches .

    Mohit parmar,

  97. Hi sir,
    Your blog looks great and interesting.
    My Passion is video/visual editing and graphic designs. I want to set my career to be a digital Marketer and currently I am freelancing for few emerging startups.I have came across a Nano degree course offered by Udacity and also noticed your enterprise (Instamojo, Razorpay) to be a hiring partner.I have already undergone a basic introductory digital marketing course offered by through Internshala a year back yet I want to acquire a degree qualification.Just now, I am about to complete my graduate.

    Kindly assist me about the feasibility of this course and guidance to become a professional digital marketer,where my passion also get showcased.

  98. Hi Deepak
    As you can see I have hosted my web site, but am still having issues with integrating the site with my YouTube, LinkedIn, and other social platforms.
    Can I adopt any template for a better design?
    Babangida Usman

  99. Hi Deepak,
    I couldn’t open lesson 2. Don’t know what’s wrong. Can you please resend?
    Thanks for your understanding.

  100. Respected Sir ,
    I am a bba 4 sem student from Doon business school ,dehradun . Sir, i want to make my career in Digital marketing for that i need to do an internship in it at dehradun . Could you please help me in getting that ….

  101. Sir,
    I have completed Digital Marketing Course Basic and want to do the expert course so I request you to please enroll me for expert course when It will Start.
    Thank you

  102. Hello Deepak,

    I want to purchase your Digital Marketing book,Please let me know from where can i do that.Waiting for the response.

  103. Dear Deepak, Good Evening. I’m your new student. Today I had 2 classes. I want to start a new website. Please let me know from where I have to buy website. We are having small scale industry in Visakhapatnam. I want to create a website and do digital marketing for my website. Please share your contact number through email

  104. Dear Deepak
    I had registered for your free online course. till now i had received 14 lessons, the last lesson which i received was on April 5th. I am waiting for further lessons. As you mentioned that for every 2 days a lesson will be delivered to your mail, 12 days are passed but i didn’t receive next lesson. Do the need so that I can complete this course.

    Thanks & Regards

  105. Dear Deepak
    I had registered for your free online course. till now i had received 4 lessons. I am waiting for further lessons. Do the need so that I can complete this course.

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    I am having an experience in sales for about 2 years and now I am not working, I am inspired with your videos and blogs and wants to start my own blogs but I don’t have any expertise in any subject or topics to start the blogging. What if I start a blog of motivational quote will it be fine or else what you can suggest.

    Please relpy.

  107. Hi deepak,

    Am an M.C.A graduate.have a gap of 5 years because of my kid. want to make a career in digital marketing field.have gone through your review on digital marketing program by upgrade.would like to know whether this course can be pursued by a complete fresher with no job experience… And how far the certification offered is reliable.

    Your reply would be of great help to decide on.

  108. Hi Deepak,

    I’m interested in workshop for our MBA students . Ideally , a hands on workshop for students as to how they can start doing marketing on internet .

    Many of these students could potentially become your online students .

    We currently do digital marketing as a subject in MBA .Do you have a number I could call you on. I’m located in Belgaum roughly about 500 km away from bangalore .

    Sanjeev Ingalagi

  109. dear sir,
    When use a search quiry as, it shows me site links in google search result. Other wise when i use thilaexports it doesn’t shows me that site links. Here what’s the problem. Can you guide me sir.

  110. Hey Deepak sir I want to know that how can I enable cash on delivery for my products and also how do I deliver my stuff in general?

  111. Hi Deepak
    I want to talk to you for a few minutes. Something urgent.
    Any Chance?
    If you could email me the contact number and convenient time, I will be highly obliged.
    In this jungle of Internet Marketers, I find you trustworthy.
    Thanks and Regards.
    B M Aggarwal

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    I came across your ads on facebook.
    I was wondering if you are able to assist me in creating a successful launch for my digital product?

    I would like to discuss more.

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    Is there a bench mark to understand how much traffic to be achieved to earn one lakh rupees per month

  114. Hi Deepak,

    I just received your mail for lesson 1, but unfortunately you tube is not allowed in our system, could you please share all your videos in windows media player for me.

    Thank you in advance.


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    You are awesome.
    Sir can you tell me how to make you this blog?
    How to design it and it available for free with sub domain ??
    Thank you 🙂

  116. Hi Deepak,

    Can you help us in finding the brand name for our website which is SEO Friendly? So that in future, when we start marketing it will be easier for the users to understand it.


  117. Hello Deepak
    I have already enrolled for your free lessons and have just gone through your first lesson.
    1) What I wanted to ask is can I a 52 year old News and content writing professional with a large telecom co turn into a digital marketeer by doing your course.
    2) What are the chances if I want to switch over to a DM job…. and or if I want to freelance or start a consultancy.
    Kindly replay ASAP.
    Sanjay Shekdar

  118. I just finished watching lesson 1, it was quite educative.

    My question what the best way or how can one become a blogger.

  119. hi,

    I own a startup ecommerce website. I need some suggestions on marketing agencies for startup. And I went through your listing of top ten firms in Bangalore. May I know on what basis do you judge them.

  120. I print perfect bound softcover books in San Diego… would like to get / be on a print source referral opportunity with you…

  121. Good eve sir i am akhil … i have just not started your tutorials … but earlier i was doin a link sharing thing under someone like those we get on wats app ( like open and earn 100 rupee talktime ) that thing …. so i wanna clear some doubt regarding that … so can i get your contact number or any of ur mates who have knowledge of this ?

  122. hello sir,
    i mailed u earlier also.i want to learn digital marketing concepts n want to grow my skills in dat line only.Regarding that only i want to talk to u.can u please share ur contact no.

  123. Hi Mr. Deepak!

    I already complete all the lessons in regards to Digital Marketing Lessons. Am I going to receive certificate through E-mail?
    thank you so much for the great response!

  124. Hi deepak sir, dhavanth here i want to learn digital marketing from you so can you help me in that are please call me back @8179111101

  125. Hello, I thought you’d like to know that you mispelled the word “gratefull” on your website. I’ve had similar mistakes on my site that keep cropping up so I now use a site like to keep them off. -Scott

  126. Dear Deepak ,

    I would also like to start a new blog. but didnt yet decided the topic. it may be of cinema or travel. what would if i invite contents from my friends and colleagues. what is your opinion about including contents from them along with mine?

  127. Hello Sir,
    Myself Deepak Jha, I have joined to your Digital Marketing Program, and very enthusiastic to learn DM.
    I watched the first video, what is Digital Marketing, now look forward with it.
    Sir, i am a sales engineer into a business of Fire extinguishers, dealing with sales of fire extinguishers. Please guide me as i am a fresher into this field, and help me to create Blog.
    I would be obliged to you .

    Thanking You
    Deepak Kumar Jha.

  128. Hello Sir,

    I am joined the digital marketing course 2 month later and i had attended all the videos .

    If my course completed then please provide me a CERTIFICATE if not than confirm me that in how many days my course will be completed & when the certificate will come.

  129. Mr. Deepak I was just looing at your blog and I found that your home page is not W3C Validated and you have not added Mobile Sitemap yet

    Better to keep these in consideration.

  130. Dear Deepakji,
    Thank you so much for your Video Tutorials.
    I am trying to buy one domain from go daddy website for my business purpose. where my clients can visit the website, but I am confused with their “Public-private contact information” feature.

    They ask me this process during the time of buying a domain.

    It will grateful if you can explain me or suggest me which option should I choose from public-private.

  131. Hi, Depaak, I am greateful to you because i was in confusion wheather i should start my journey to digital marketing or not, but after reading insightful article from your blog i realized that this is the perfect sector for me and really i am inspired now. I have already started my blogging at . Hope i will get your advice in my future journey to become an Digital Marketing expert. A lot of love and respect from Dhaka, Bangladesh and from digital jalal as welll.

  132. Hi Deepak,

    When will be your next 100 days blogging course will start ? At your website the course fees is shown 2999/- which shows that course already started on 7th June 2017 which i miss deadline…Kindly let me known the next schedule ?

    I had also posted this above mentioned query on Facebook group #Learn digital marketing.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Nirav Hingu

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    I’m interested in potentially hiring you for digital markting and SEO for our company. We currently do Facebook and youtube advertising as a channel. Do you have a number I could call you on? I’m located in Chandigarh.

  134. Hi deepak,
    Iam working as a Inventory Verification Execuitve and very much interested in learning Digital Marketing and want to develop career in digital marketing.I had covered three lessons and as you suggest that we need to start a blog and a Website for implementing what we have learned.
    As Iam confused in choosing a topic.Kindly Suggest me for choosing a best and better topic and if possible can you share the successful stories of those who has chosen a better topics for their blogs.

    Mudasir Ul haq

  135. sir i am facing difficulty after creating the website.& facing in hosting & also in executing can you please show in detail & make another video regarding this procedure.

  136. Hello sir, I am Subhojit from west bengal , graduate, 10 yrs marketing experience I want to work with u as a marketing expart here in my state from home .

    Plz contact me 8918092984

  137. Hi Mr. Deepak, I am 44, based at Hubli, I am really confused till now in my life but finally this to be something that i can stay with and earn, but still not getting the clear picture hence I am interested to meet you in person and decide on your instructions and guidelines. Can I meet you in person and decide to which route to take in this field if yes, when can meet you at Bangalore please revert.

  138. Hello Deepak Sir,

    I want to pursue my carrier in digital marketing , got an experience.of 7+ in pharma sales as ABM.

    Plz suggest me the best institute to go for in Delhi


    Mohammad Abuzahbi

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    I am looking for digital marketing expert for my business. If you know someone with extensive experience with mature attitude, Please send me an email.

    Kind Regards


  140. I’m a big fan of your blog digital marketing The content on your blog and digital marketing about tech and startup are awesome! I need favour from you sir, I’m Deven Jora an enterprenuer from Rajasthan India. I want to learn digital and affiliate marketing and blogger so kindly send me ur all details on my email address for the new batches class I want to reach my business on top rated in India. Regards Deven Jora Rajasthan India

  141. Hi Deepak,
    I am planing to move from IT Sector to Digital marketing, Please suggest carrier and future.
    Second major thing is, how to create people legal data bank(like email id, Contact detail etc), what is the right and easy process.
    Please suggest, i am totally confused from legal part.

    Vikash Anand

  142. Hi Deepak,

    Its nice free Digital Marketing course. In the course, I request if you can add LinkedIn also. Because, now a days LinkedIn is also very popular and a must in Digital/Social Media. Giving some learning tips with the existing free course, will be an added advantage to all the learners.

    And also in twitter, teach about hashtags, bitly links.


  143. hello sir,

    This is Rohit from Pune, You are doing really a great job, If you are planning to come in Pune please let me know, I am interested in all activities of you
    Currently, I am MBA pass out and started a business

  144. hi,
    It already seem you arent getting enough time to reply to ppl, I just wanted to say that you’re doing a good job and also interested in some of the courses. But was wondering if you give certification for the same?Ive already sent you two three mails before also.

  145. Dear Sir ,
    As i have 9 years of experience in sales in which 5.5 years experience in Online advertisement , use to sale the Google Ad words products to SME , Manufacturers and 3.6 years experience in Staffing Business , but now i want to do Digital marketing and always Wanted to become a Digital marketing Expert , need your Vital Help and Guidance.

    Plz advise .



  146. Hello Sir, I love Digital Marketing Field. I am working from last 2 months in D.M from home. But I get bored at home ( Hostel ) Because I am alone. I like to be with peoples. I think I need to do a job. It is a good idea or not? Sir, please help me.

  147. Hi Deepak Sir,

    I want to learn digital marketing and I really don’t know from where should I start and what should I do?
    Please Help Me

  148. Hi Deepak
    I am Jackson from Zambia & I am also learning Digital Marketing,At the moment I need to get to know all the modules as indicated but I am enjoying can’t wait to built up a blog or a website that can generate monitary value
    Keep doing what you do,Your lessons are heaven sent.

  149. Hi Deepak,
    Where are you located? Do you ever come to Whitefield? Would like to meet you. I have a Digital marketing requirement.
    Thanks, Radhe

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    I am keen to learn the digital marketing and blogging..
    But the one problem that stop me to do is the english. M week in English but trying to make my English better.

    Please HELP me

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    I want to enroll for an advanced digital marketing course. I have gone through your basic videos, I want to learn more in-depth. Your full course is costing high. Can you provide me student discount it would be very much helpful.

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    While I purchased your flash disk of Basic DM Course a few months ago, I started learning it a few of days ago.

    Just to tell you I found it quite simple & user friendly. I hope it is easy to learn as I proceed with the further course. Browsing your website also adds onto the knowledge.

    Thank you very much!

    Sunil K

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    Am interested in learning digital marketing as a course.And I want you to put me through and advice.

    Thank you

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  156. Hi
    I’m Jackson from Mumbai.

    I’m a Student of 100DBC, Fast Track Bundle(3 courses in 1), Product Launch Mastery, Email Mastery, Affiliate Mastery etc…

    Can I know what system are you using to remind the clients on the annual maintenance they have to pay for the renewal of the domain and hosting as per their respective renewal dates?

    We have 150 clients and all have different renewal dates for domain and hosting and services are taken.

    We are finding very difficult to send emails on time – i.e 30 days prior and 15 days prior to actual renewal depending on each one’s renewal.

    How to automate this for an agency business?

  157. Hi there,

    My name is Dianne and I help Entrepreneurs and small businesses with their backend and prospecting tasks as a Virtual Assistant. Are you currently looking for help with anything?


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