Exciting Careers in Digital Marketing

If you have a passion for digital marketing and would like to build a career in digital marketing, you are in the right place at the right time. Of course, there are no job openings in ‘DigitalDeepak.com’. But I can get you a great job.

digital marketing jobs

I started DigitalDeepak.com to brand myself as a digital marketing expert. My personal branding has worked better than I expected and I am overwhelmed with job offers (2-3 every week!). I would like to help many brands and companies who need digital marketing assistance, but unfortunately there is only one Digital Deepak 🙂

So I help these companies find the right digital marketing candidates and I can help you find a great career opportunity in digital marketing. Most of these job opportunities would be in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi.

Send your Resume to:

All the best!

3 thoughts on “Exciting Careers in Digital Marketing”

  1. hi Deepak,

    Im writing on behalf of a realestate company and we are wanting to set up a inhouse team for the digital marketing activity.

    We require candidates who are strong in SEM.

    Request you to help in sourcing of candidates

    Thanks in advance, Janaki

  2. Hi Deepak,
    My wife has started learning from your course which are having 25 videos. Just wanted to know does after the completion of this course will she able to get a suitable job for her?


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