The Hard Part about Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is not an easy subject. I have been in the digital marketing space for more than 10 years, and I am still learning new tools and new digital marketing tactics. However, with time, learning new tools becomes easy. Learning new concepts becomes easy.

As you spend a lot of years in Digital Marketing, you will end up realizing that the only way is to keep yourself updated and an expert is to keep learning new things. Your ability to learn new tools and new digital marketing tactics will improve as you understand the fundamentals better. This is not the hard part.

The longer I practice digital marketing, the more I get to the core fundamentals. And it has taken me 10 years to get to the core.

The hard part of digital marketing is to get to the core fundamental truth.

What is the core fundamental truth?

It’s about the user. It’s always about the user. You have to put the user, first.

Right now, I am writing this blog post on a WordPress content management system. After publishing the blog post, I will share it on social media channels. Then I will run an ad campaign for it. Then I will check my analytics to see the amount of traffic it has got. But this is not digital marketing.

None of these tools, stats and technology matters, if I forget that there is a real user behind the screen who will be interacting with my content.

I am talking about YOU.

I have to realize that I am talking to You, through the digital medium, and it is as good as me standing next to you, and talking to you.

When we meet people at parties, offices, streets, at home, we cannot ignore them. They are right in front of us. The way we behave with them is completely different.

Whether we are just talking to them, persuading them to buy something from us, or teaching them, we behave in a completely different manner, because they are right in front of us.

The best digital marketers in this world, take what they do online, to a level of efficiency of offline interaction. This is the hardest part to master. This makes you a true marketer.

A great marketer would write a sales email like he would do a sales pitch in person.

A YouTuber who gets millions of subscribers talks to the camera as if he is talking to a subscriber who is standing right in front of him.

Email marketers write email like a friend writes an email to a friend.

It is so easy to forget that the content we create, is for real people out there who are connecting with you via the internet and personal devices.

We often get caught up in the numbers. Analytics, stats, revenue, sales and so on. When we forget to put the user first, we become bad digital marketers.

That’s the hardest part about digital marketing, to constantly remember that there is a real flesh and blood human out there, for whom you are doing your marketing activity.

As you become a more experienced marketer, you will more often remember that everything that we do with digital marketing, is just a means to connect to real people.

The technology and the interface through which you connect to real people is not as important as the people itself. Technology is a means to an end. If you have mastered the technology, but forgot about the people, you are a failed digital marketer.

That’s why I recommend all my students to be more of digital MARKETERS, and less of DIGITAL marketers.

When you remember this truth more often…

  • You will write copy that connects with people and gets them to transact with you.
  • You will write blog posts that make people feel like you are just sitting next to them, and telling them an interesting story.
  • As a YouTuber, you will develop a very strong fan base because you are connecting with your audience on a deep level. Your subscribers appreciate your authenticity. You are behaving the same way that you would behave if they had met you in person.
  • As an email marketer, you will get very high open rates. People want to hear from you because they enjoy reading your content.
  • As an analytics expert, you will be able to get better insights from data, because you are putting the user first. You remember that whatever you are doing is to serve real users, and the technology is just a means to do it. If you have great technology, but forget to serve the people, you are going to fail.
  • As an app developer, you will be able to develop beautiful user interfaces because you are not looking at the app, but looking at how people will use the app.

Digital marketing works because people are on the internet.

Without people, your ad will get no clicks, your landing page will get no optins, your blog will have no readers, your emails will get no opens, and your videos will get no likes, comments or shares.

It’s a simple concept, but hard to master.

And as with everything in life, the simplest things are the hardest to master.

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  1. I want to become a Digital Marketer and SEO Expert. You have cleared all things about Digital Marketing in my mind. I have some doubts which is also cleared after reading this article. I will always put the user first. Thanks.

  2. Hi deepak bro,
    It’s an eye opening post. But it’s true that everything what we do is for connecting with people. Good to read psychology behind marketing. If our marketing effort need to succeed then we should put customer first and understand the user. I like the article and thanks for sharing.

  3. I couldn’t have started my Sunday any better than reading this article Deepak. After reading this and starting your course, I believe my learning is in good hands 🙂

  4. I am a digital marketer myself and I could relate this article. I am also a blogger I often get mails from people who have enjoyed reading my work so yes the user first implementation is a must. How can I reach you if I ever have some queries or want to discuss something.

  5. Really impressed with your blog Sir. I have started learning Digital Marketing 3 months back. Still many confusions are there. Some doubts of mine in using tools are still unsolved. But Sir please keep on posting your blogs. Its inspired me to like others.

  6. Whoa! I feel really connected with every point that you emphasized. This is one of those articles that will stay on my mind & heart.

    Today more than ever it is becoming increasingly important to to captivate users with a copy that earns their trust. Research proves it that earning consumer (user) trust is the key priority. This blog post cleverly touches that very sweet spot.

  7. For the first time I have read blog on digital marketing,which makes me aware of some of activities.
    I understand how creative and tough it is to communicate with clients and convince them inspite of fact of being in absence and without physically in contact.
    Wonderful blog. Regards

  8. Hi Deepak,
    Thank you for the blog and it is very captivating.
    You are a real Marketer,
    Thinking customer first which is your reader
    I have learn very much

  9. Hi Sir,
    I just started reading your Blogs, It is an Amazing and more Informative to the people like me who started their journey in Digital Marketing..!!
    Thank You so much sir…!!!

  10. Being digital, we forget the human part i.e the involvement of feelings and emotions in our communication and marketing. Ignoring the base foundation(human interaction, feelings and communication) will make a weak building(Digital Marketing and technologies). Thanks for pointing that out. Human interaction is inevitable. We can never ignore it.

  11. Great Informative Article, real purpose of either offline or online marketing is to connect with the user at his/her level.

  12. Hi Deepak,
    You have touched the nerves,but one fact, as usual It is based on theory that can be read and understood, but It is more of a practical thing and majority of us need some one to read understand and give us the training to drive. I too belong to that lazy rather easy going tribe .

  13. This is the best copy I have ever seen, It got right through my heart and mind.
    Thank you for providing such value and sharing your thoughts.

  14. Hi Deepak, great article. It only since the past few days that I have been reading your blog posts and email and following your videos. In all of them you have truly been able to connect with the audience. I have subscribed to your free DM course and I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email asking me to tell you about myself. My daughter has been behind me to reply to this mail, which I will do soon. Keep up the good work and keep sharing.

  15. It’s really a best blog article.very useful information to the people like me who are new in digital marketing,Thanks

  16. Hi!
    Please suggest me the websites or places to visit frequently (apart from yours) on the internet to stay updated with the trends, updates going on in the digital marketing industry.

    It will be a great help.

  17. Deepak your content always amazing and informative. U have hit the nail on head, the CRUX, user First…
    It’s always pleasure to read ur blog, although I am a researcher and trying to identify a topic of research in field of digital marketing.. I think u can suggest well about some research gap in this field. U are AMAZING AND A REALL DIGITAL MARKETER.

  18. Hi Deepak,

    Amazing article, i just started watching the online learning videos and your articles are helping me to understand Digital Marketing.

  19. New to all these but thanks for the blog . Am actually getting a hang of it .
    Long way to go .
    Thanks !!!!

  20. Digital marketing is Very hard to maintain every track , but your guidance and sharing your your experience with us makes our path lighter and easier.
    Thank you very much Sir .


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