The 5 Principles of Startup Success

You probably heard them. The famous “14 Leadership Principles of Amazon.” Those are the set of principles Amazon lives by every day and does everything from coming up with new ideas to building new solutions and are the pillars of Amazon’s colossal success. But do you know what? They can definitely help new startups and … Read more

Why do Entrepreneurs Fail?

Entrepreneurs fail. Even the ones with a great idea fail. It doesn’t matter how unique or exceptional or smart is your idea, but it isn’t enough because an idea doesn’t guarantee the results, but how good you execute it does. Because whether you succeed or fail depends more on how you are giving life to … Read more

Entrepreneurship is Boring and Difficult

Succeeding in entrepreneurship is less about new ideas, strategies, methods and hacks. It is more about doing the boring & difficult tasks consistently for a long period of time. The secrets of business are pretty simple: Make something people want Create a good product Communicate to the right customers with the right message Convert Serve … Read more

The Last Mover Advantage

Many of us have heard about first mover advantage.

If someone is the first to enter a market, then this business can capture the market and make a lot of money.

And many of us think that first mover advantage is great.

But it doesn’t make much sense in today’s world, where everything is changing very fast.

The internet connects all of us and the speed of business has gone up.

Competitors are fast to catch up and compete with you, and you will no longer have the first mover advantage.

That’s why, Last Mover Advantage is in fashion.

Facebook was not a first mover in the social network space. We had MySpace and Orkut as social networks long before Facebook.

Facebook was not the first social network, but the last social network.

Once you capture the entire market with a better product and service, and execute your ideas well, you can become the last mover.

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