7 Golden Rules for Writing Effective Ads

Ads are an integral part of marketing. Ads are the first touch point between a business and a potential customer. Writing an effective ad is an art and a science. A good ad is a result of understanding of the target customers, creativity from the ad copywriter and most importantly, the ad man needs to understand the fundamentals of advertising.

Having a strong foundation in advertising is an asset for any marketer or businessman. To build a strong foundation in the fundamentals of advertising we need to look at history.

Advertising came into existence when there was a possibility of sending the same message to multiple people at once – using technology. The first form of this technology was printing press. Then came the radio, then the TV and then the internet.

The mass media revolution is what has given birth to the concept of advertising. Before that, the only way was to sell at a market place or sell door to door.

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3 Tips to Make Sure that Your Emails Get Delivered to Your Subscriber’s Inbox

Digital marketing has a lot of components. One of the most important and critical components of digital marketing is email marketing. Especially in the age of volatile social media, where you cannot trust any platform to reach your followers, email marketing is uber important.

I have been focusing most of my learning and execution on email marketing and marketing automation in the past few years. And I have developed quite an experience in making sure my email campaigns work.

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Being a TEDx Speaker: The Preparation, The Talk & The Results

One fine day as I was going through my emails, I saw an invitation to speak. I get a lot of invitations from time to time, and I decline a lot of invitations. But this was an invitation to speak at a TEDx event! I have seen a lot of TED and TEDx talks on YouTube and I was really excited.

I had tried to become a TEDx speaker a while back and later I learned that you cannot buy your way into such an event. You need to get an invitation it cannot happen by design. There is a bit of chance and luck involved in getting such an invitation.

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HighTraffic Summit™ Bangalore: Transparency Report

I have always loved going through financial reports of other businesses and entrepreneurs. And I have a huge respect for people who are transparent. Sometimes, it is better to be transparent, especially when you have critics. Being transparent builds a strong brand. In fact, public companies cannot operate without transparency in accounting – so let’s say I am building that habit from now!

So as a first time exercise, I decided to release a financial report for my HighTraffic Summit™ powered by ResellerClub which was conducted in Bangalore on February 24th.

I was motivated to do this report because I got a lot of replies saying that the ticket price is too high and I should be charging less and I should do the event at a cheaper venue.

It is a mammoth task to do an event successfully because there are so many moving parts. There are so many things that have a potential to go wrong. The mic could stop working, the lights could go off, the food won’t be prepared on time and there are 100 such things. All that headache is removed when you do it at a good venue and get a reliable event management company.

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Should You Become a Hosting Reseller?

As digital marketers who help businesses drive more traffic and conversions to their websites, we have a responsibility to ensure that our clients’ websites and digital presence across all channels are in top shape.

This includes top-notch content, smartly designed drip marketing campaigns, well maintained social media properties and of course a well designed responsive website which loads blazing quick and is hosted on reliable servers and is served on a fantastic domain name.

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