Top 100 Digital Marketing Agencies in India

Every company, big or small, has a business account on Facebook at least. If it is a digitally advanced company, it might even have a Twitter handle and LinkedIn profile. Nowadays, it has become absolutely essential to invest in digital marketing to inform your customers about your online presence and enhance your brand visibility. To … Read more

There are no guarantees in life

As I am working closely with my Interns in the Internship program, I have realized one major thing. The most successful students are the ones who are ready to take calculated risks. The people who are not ready to take a risk and are looking for some guarantees – are not usually successful. In this … Read more

[Mind Map] List of Digital Marketing Tools

I did a webinar today morning on the various Digital Marketing Tools I use for my business. You can download this mindmap here. In this mind-map, I have classified the tools into the following categories. Market and Niche Research Tools Content creation and publishing tools Traffic generation tools Marketing Tools Sales Tools Reporting and Analytics … Read more

The Art of High Traffic

One of the biggest challenges with Digital Marketing is getting high traffic. SEO is becoming difficult because of competition. Google is pushing down the organic results in favor of ad listings. Facebook ads are becoming costlier day by day because more people are advertising to the same audience on Facebook. (And people are using less … Read more