Lead scoring is an important part of digital marketing. It used to be more of a sales function but with evolving technology and integration of marketing and sales, even digital marketers should learn about lead scoring.

What is Lead Scoring?

If you get 100 leads for your business who are likely to buy from you, it is obvious that not all of those leads are going to buy from you. There will be some leads that are more likely to buy than the others.

If you can score the leads based on the probability of whether they will buy from you or not, that’s lead scoring.

There are no standards for the numbers we assign to lead scores, but it is recommended to have a score between 0 to 100. For example, if a lead has higher score, it makes sense to focus your energy on following up with that lead, because they are more likely to buy.

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Who is Deepak Kanakaraju?

We recently conducted a survey to get insights into the state of digital marketing talent in India. The questionnaire had six targeted questions and there were a total of 110 respondents who are (or want to be) digital marketing professionals.

How did we get respondents for this survey? The survey was advertised on my blog, Relevant Facebook groups, bloggers who had a similar set of audience and was also forwarded to other like minded folks by the people who answered the survey.

We did everything possible to make sure that we have an even distribution of the respondents in the survey.

Why this survey? There is a huge demand for digital marketing talent in India right now and companies of all sizes are finding it quite difficult to get good talent into their organizations.

I actively refer candidates for digital marketing roles across the country and I have felt the need for such a data.

Since no such report has been published before, we decided to do a survey ourselves. Any organization in India looking to hire digital marketing talent will benefit a lot from this study.

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How to Become an Inbound Marketing Certified Professional

by Deepak Kanakaraju on September 26, 2015

Inbound Marketing is slowly becoming Digital Marketing 2.0. Many businesses who invest in digital marketing are starting to realize that compared to investing money in display ads, video ads, SEM or SEO – inbound marketing produces much better and long term results than the others.

In fact, Inbound Marketing is more of an integrated digital marketing methodology that involves a bit of every other digital marketing channel.

So if you get certified in Inbound Marketing, it is going to help you. Getting certified helps you get an in-depth understanding of inbound marketing. Just the process of going through the certification exam will help you what inbound marketing is all about.

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If you are wondering how to accept credit card payments online in India for your business or even personal needs, your search ends here. Until Instamojo, accepting online payments in India was cumbersome.

Accept credit card payments online

There were no good PayPal alternatives and the only method that we used to transfer payments was netbanking, IMPS, checks or RTGS. Now with Instamojo you can start collect netbanking, credit card or debit card payments online at 0% fees (for a limited time).

The usual transaction fee is 1.9% + service tax, but if you sign up through this link, you will get the first 50 transactions for free. And you have the opportunity to earn another 950 free transactions by referring other people to use Instamojo.

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Many companies in India and abroad are building their digital marketing teams right now from scratch. They are facing a huge shortage of skilled professionals.  Hence the demand for digital marketing courses and training programs is going up every year. You are probably reading this article because you want to learn digital marketing.

digital marketing courses in mumbai

The internet penetration and usage in India is going up at a rapid pace and businesses need to get into digital marketing – else it becomes very difficult to sustain their business.

No one has learned digital marketing in college and it is surprising to note that colleges and MBA schools have been slow to roll out digital marketing programs in their curriculum in spite of the huge demand in the industry.

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Blogging is one of the best lead generation platforms available in the digital marketing world. Landing pages are also great, but you need to drive traffic to the landing pages – mostly via paid advertising. You can drive traffic from your blog to the landing page, but you will end up losing a lot of visitors along the way.

optin-monster-logo1So converting your blog visitors directly into subscribers is usually the easiest and fastest way to aggregate an audience for content marketing or generate leads for your business.

You may have noticed that I convert my visitors into subscribers and there is a good chance that you are already my subscriber.

I had published an article a while back on Seven ways to convert your web traffic into leads. But that article was more about the different methods available to generate leads from web traffic than the specific tools that you can use.

Today I am writing a comprehensive review of OptinMonster, a one-stop lead generation software that I have recently fell in love with! And if you had noticed some exit optin pages on my site, that’s from OptinMonster FYI.

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An Interview with Aryan, Tech Blogger at Technodify.com

by Deepak Kanakaraju on September 3, 2015

Aryan is a tech blogger and runs Technodify.com, a pretty successful blog in India. He is one of the youngest tech bloggers in India. I had a chance to interview him about his blogging success.

Deepak: Please introduce yourself to us.ar

Aryan: My name is Aryan Buddy and I am the founder of TechnoDify.com. One of the best technology blogs in India. I started my blogging journey when I was in class 9th. I used my pocket money to buy a domain name and hosting plan.

At that time my father was totally against my dreams. He though that instead of wasting my time on the internet, I should focus more on my studies and go for Engineering or IAS job.

But for me, running a successful website was the only dream. So, I decided to work hard and prove my father and others who think that having a government job is the best career option in India.

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Aishwin, one of the top domain name investors from India, who I interviewed on this blog a while back, is giving away just 100 copies of his $20 worth ebook for free. This offer is just for readers of DigitalDeepak.com :)


Today is his birthday and I persuaded him to give away his eBook at no cost. All you need to do is visit this page and enter the code ‘DigitalDeepak‘.

Aishwin has some amazing 3 and 4 letter domain names such as Haz.com and Shri.com. I have learned a lot from him and he is my go to guy for advice when I buy a domain name.

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According to the statistics from WeAreSocial, as of January 2015, India has 243 Million active internet users. This represents only 19% of the Indian population and the internet penetration is growing at a very fast pace.

mobile marketing

But one of the most surprising facts about mobile is: out of the 243 Million internet users, at least 200 million users access the web via a smartphone! 200 Million users is quite a big number. It’s about 2/3rd of the US population itself. And such a big number cannot be ignored by digital marketers.

Mobile marketing is becoming one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. Digital Vidya recently announced a training program on Mobile Marketing and I got a chance to interview Kapil Nakra, Co-Founder of DigitalVidya.com and Himanshu Arora, Cofounder of SocialPanga.com & Lead Trainer at Digital Vidya about the future of Mobile Marketing.

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YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. YouTube is also the biggest review search engine. People come to YouTube directly and search for video product reviews instead of searching it on Google. And it is said that one out of every two internet users use YouTube! That’s 50% of the internet population!

I can keep going on with the numbers but I will stop here. I just want to make this clear: YouTube can be a great source of traffic and leads when used properly.

Today, we will learn what is YouTube Cards and how you can use YouTube cards to drive traffic back to your website.

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