According to the statistics from WeAreSocial, as of January 2015, India has 243 Million active internet users. This represents only 19% of the Indian population and the internet penetration is growing at a very fast pace.

mobile marketing

But one of the most surprising facts about mobile is: out of the 243 Million internet users, at least 200 million users access the web via a smartphone! 200 Million users is quite a big number. It’s about 2/3rd of the US population itself. And such a big number cannot be ignored by digital marketers.

Mobile marketing is becoming one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. Digital Vidya recently announced a training program on Mobile Marketing and I got a chance to interview Kapil Nakra, Co-Founder of and Himanshu, Cofounder of & Lead Trainer at Digital Vidya about the future of Mobile Marketing.

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Who is Deepak Kanakaraju?

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. YouTube is also the biggest review search engine. People come to YouTube directly and search for video product reviews instead of searching it on Google. And it is said that one out of every two internet users use YouTube! That’s 50% of the internet population!

I can keep going on with the numbers but I will stop here. I just want to make this clear: YouTube can be a great source of traffic and leads when used properly.

Today, we will learn what is YouTube Cards and how you can use YouTube cards to drive traffic back to your website.

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It is normal to think of YouTube as a video hosting website and may be a social network built around videos. But many of us often forget that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google.

Yes, a lot of people come to YouTube and search for video content. The traffic and search queries are more than Yahoo and Bing combined together. And when it comes to reviews, many experts unanimously agree that YouTube is the No.1 review search engine.

yt logoSome interesting statistics about YouTube include:

  1. YouTube has more than 1 billion users
  2. 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute
  3. Half of YouTube views are on mobile devices

I have started publishing YouTube videos for only recently but for other blogs I leverage YouTube massively. It is easier to rank on YouTube because creating a video is harder than writing articles and not many people would have published quality videos on the same topic.

Another added advantage with YouTube videos is that your videos will also rank on Google search engine apart from YouTube. YouTube is Google’s property and they are more likely to rank a video from YouTube than an article on some other website who’s authority is not yet established.

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If you are a webmaster who manages a blog or a website, I am sure that you would have felt the need to search within your website. It’s not just you, your visitors would also want to search for articles within your website. You will be surprised at how many people use the custom search engine once you implement it.

google custom search engine

One way to search within a specific website is to use in Google search. That would bring up results just within your website.

However, it is not obvious to your site’s visitors. If you want your visitors want to search within your website, the best way would be to implement the free version of Google Custom Search Engine on your website. There is also a paid version with extra features which we will learn about in the future.

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{ 5 comments } Heatmap Tool Pricing, Features and Review

by Deepak Kanakaraju on August 10, 2015

crazy-egg-logoI recently posted a long and detailed article about the importance of heat-maps for improving user experience.

I used the tool called CrazyEgg to get the heat map for this blog. This is a detailed review of the features and pricing of CrazyEgg heatmap tool.

CrazyEgg Pricing

CrazyEgg provides a 30 day free trial of their service and to activate it you would need a working international credit card. They will check if the credit card is active and they will start your trial.

crazyegg plans

You will not be charged anything upfront. But if you do not cancel your account, your recurring billing will be $108 a year or $9 a month effectively. In the basic plan you will be able to track and get data for 10 different pages.

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Marketing is all about traffic and conversions. Traffic can be generated by targeting the right people at the right place & time. Conversion depends on effective communication & trust.

To get more sales, you can either work on increasing your traffic or your conversions. More traffic costs more money. But, conversions can be achieved with a few tweaks and doesn’t always cost money. There are different ways to improve conversion ratio, but the most common methods are split testing and heat-maps.

A conversion doesn’t mean a sale as most people assume. There are different types of conversions in the marketing funnel. An ad impression to an ad click is a conversion. An ad click to a free trial registration is also a conversion. A free trial user making a payment to become a customer is another conversion point.

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My Premium Domain Name Portfolio & Upcoming Projects

by Deepak Kanakaraju on July 24, 2015

Domain names are the building blocks of the internet. A good domain name builds trust, communicates what the business does and sticks in your mind. It is almost impossible to build a great online brand without a great domain name.

The first domain name I registered was in 2005. I have acquired several good names since then. Some domain names have been developed into websites, and other names are just waiting for life.

Most of the domain names I own are .com names – for obvious reasons. (.com) being the first TLD and the most popular one, it always boasts more credibility and traffic compared to its poorer cousins.

One of my friends suggested that I should write a blog post showcasing my domain names and what I plan to do with them. So here it goes:

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Email Marketing is one of the most important components of Digital Marketing. But the problem with email marketing is that there are a lot of grey areas and things are not straight forward as we would like it be.

madmimi logoAs a basic rule for email marketing, you are not supposed to send a marketing email to a stranger without their permission. But many people do not follow this rule.

Postal mails cost money and hence we don’t get THAT much spam to our house or office. But emailing someone doesn’t cost anything and many people have abused that power to send spam.

Email service providers (Like Gmail and Yahoo) have developed a lot of tools to prevent spam in an automated way – but the problem is that many genuine emails also end up in spam.

And even with such strict spam filters, spam ends up in your Inbox! Because of this, getting 100% of your emails delivered, just doesn’t happen in today’s world.

Ideally, if no spam existed in this world, everybody should be able to send email using their own servers and privately hosted email clients. But since we are not in that ideal world, we have to rely on external mailing clients.

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Domain names are increasing in value everyday. As the internet becomes an integral part of our daily life, businesses in the virtual world identify themselves with domain names. A good domain name is very important for a brand. People remember good domain names and are more likely to come back to a website which has a simple and memorable domain name.

Many companies try to acquire the .com name of their brands because their prospective customers visit those URLs. For example, Dropbox originally had but they purchased later to avoid a competitor buying that domain name and cashing in on the popularity of Dropbox.

Apple bought, Google bought, Housing bought and there are plenty of cases where companies have acquired .com names of their brands for hundreds of thousands of dollars, sometimes millions.

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PayPal allows people to pay and receive money using just an email ID. But RBI doesn’t allow PayPal to operate in India as it is supposed to work. I have been waiting for a true PayPal alternative for India (for receiving payments online) and the wait is over! Instapay is not just an alternative, it is much better than PayPal!


Previously I had published a post about the best PayPal alternative for India – But at that time Instamojo allowed payment collection only through a payment link. With Instamojo, you can create payment links for selling ebooks, selling services, event tickets or even physical goods.

But what if you want to collect an one time payment from a customer for a unique purpose? For example, if I want to collect Rs.7,000 from a client of mine for a specific work I had done for them, creating a payment link and getting it approved just for a one time payment is a hassle.

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